On-Line Back-ups Why Use Them?

Are you backing up your data on a daily basis? You would be surprised to hear how many people answer “No” or “I don’t know” to this important question. The Bridge Network likes to say that backing up data is like flossing - everybody knows they should be doing it daily, but too many people either can’t be bothered or are just plain doing it wrong.

It's an unfortunate situation, but over the years The Bridge Network has had several offices lose data due to fires or stolen computers. When this happens, the major concern is how to get all the data back and in a lot of cases no up-to-date back-up solution is available and with more offices using Digital Imaging, data has never been more important.

By using an on-line back-up system, the most recent copy of your data can be downloaded within minutes and your office is up-and-running as quickly as possible. Remember, hardware is replaceable, data is not. Don’t take risks with your data!

Backing up data requires a commitment to a daily process that many users don't understand. Back-up systems are typically set up when you purchase your computer and are expected to work. Did you know that analysts estimate the failure rate for tape back-up recovery to be between 20-50% for small-to-medium-sized businesses? Internet back-up addresses the central weaknesses of traditional back-up systems in the following ways:

  • Automate the process.Back-up systems with a high level of human intervention are most likely to fail. Humans are bound by the adage “we all make mistakes” and “we’re only human”.

  • Simplify and support the process. When your back-up needs to expand, are you confident enough to reconfigure your back-up to accommodate these needs? Or do you get on the phone and pay to have somebody configure it for you? With BackTrack your Bridge Network software will automatically be configured for back-up and help is available through our exceptional Technical Support.

  • Eliminate physical factors. Traditional back-ups require that tapes be organized, labeled, rotated, stored off-site and periodically replaced. With no back-up media, you don't need to worry about losing or damaging expensive (and valuable) archival data. The Bridge Network is extremely excited about bringing BackTrack to all our clients because we know it will add incredible value. In fact, we are offering BackTrack for FREE to clients with broadband Internet connection! Your first 1 GB of data — enough space to store more than five times the average Tracker data — will now be included as part of your annual support. Clients who back-up digital x-ray and imaging will require additional storage, which is billed as required and available without any limitations or additional configuration. Please see the back page for pricing and technical information.


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