Protect Your Office Against Ransomware

Imagine that one day out of nowhere your patient data becomes inaccessible and you learn your files are ‘locked’ and can only be unlocked by paying ransom in Bitcoins to some unknown hacker in some untraceable location.

Windows 10 Now Supported

The latest version of Microsoft Windows is now supported.

Affordable, Full-Featured Windows Tablets Pack a Punch in a Dental Office

A new set of smaller Windows based tablets are a highly functional alternative to their higher-priced counterparts.

TBN Getting Ready for Windows 10

With the upcoming release of Windows 10, The Bridge Network has some good news about what you can expect.

Pacific Dental Conference 2013 Observations

Each year the Pacific Dental Conference brings out the latest innovations and technologies. Here are some of the highlights from our perspective.

Is Cloud Computing Ready for Your Office?

The question on the minds of many IT professions is 'Are you ready for cloud computing?'. Given the high level of exposure given to this concept recently, you may be wondering what 'the cloud' can do for you. This is a valid question. In the dental office, another question should be 'Is cloud computing ready for my office?'.

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

When TBN first started showing Tracker to offices we used to have to lug around a full computer system, but with the introduction of laptops that had enough power to showcase Tracker, we were very happy.

Tracker Mobile App?

With the prevalence of Smartphone devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android, people often ask if they can purchase an 'App' to access their Tracker data from. The answer is no. You see, there is already a solution that is better than an app.

Internet In The Office - Now An Essential Business Tool

It's 2009 and still some offices do not have Internet. This is something I find hard to believe. Whether you agree or not, find out why having the Internet in your office is a Work Smart solution.

Stop Wasting Time with Spam!

How many times have you gone to go check your email just to find countless emails of things you never wanted or asked for? Most of us don't believe it when they say "click here to verify all of your bank account information" or want to get the "cheapest blue pill on the market." 

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