Hands Free Perio Charting

Hands fee charting is probably something you have been considering. Find out more about the technologies available to make this a reality.

Setting Up A Digital Dental Operatory

When making the transition to digital record keeping, one of  the most important elements is how to incorporate the new technology into the  operatory. In order to maximize the investment, you need to partner with the  right people. The Bridge Network can help you determine how you want to use the  technology to achieve your goals.

UPDATE: Is a Tablet Right for Your office?

Tablets and Smartphones are a staple in everyday living and with a growing desire to use these high-tech devices in todays dental office, the question is can your tablet replace your workstation? No. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have its place.

An Industry First: Logicon Caries Detection with CSI

The Bridge Network is excited to announce we are integrated with Logicon Caries Detection.

Digital Radiography. Some Key Questions.

If you are looking at going from film to digital radiography you should have questions. Here are some resources to help you.

Why spend more than you need on an Intraoral camera?

With the success of our SmartFlash camera system, our clients have asked us to deliver them an intraoral camera solution with the same high value that we are known for. We have always felt that a quality intraoral camera at the right price would be a good value, so we searched for one. We’ve found two!

SmartPhrases. Faster than Speech Recognition.

Find out why SmartPhrases might be the best solution for entering your clinical notes and why it is often faster than using Voice Dictation.

Fact vs Fiction: The Truth about Digital X-Rays

Digital photography and radiography is now the norm in a modern dental office. We believe that the way you think about how you chart a patient should be revisited and we’re making it easier for you with Tracker and its add-on applications, ChairSide Imaging and ChairSide Charting.

Digital XRay and Software. Part 3: Benefits

What are the benefits of digital XRay and of ChairSide Imaging? How do I get the most from them?

Digital XRay and Software. Part 2: Quality Control

We are often asked how to make sure we are getting the xray quality we were promised. Here we explore how to go about that.

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