Going Digital? So why are your new patient forms still paper?

Going Digital is supposed to benefit all parties involved. Digital xray, for example, decreases radiation exposure, enhances patient communication, is good for the environment and provides superior diagnostics. Everybody wins. When you invest in technology for your office, it is important for your patients to perceive those benefits.  If you ask patients what they hate most about visiting a dental/medical office, “Waiting” is going to be high on that list. On the flip side, taking support calls for over 12 years has taught me that getting accurate and complete information from patients (especially insurance information) is an office headache. Reading a patient’s handwriting is also a problem.

But you are probably still doing it the old way, aren’t you? Here we have an opportunity to solve issues on both sides and provide a really positive first impression for new clients. If any of you have been installed and/or trained by us in the last few years you will have noticed that we do all of our pre and post training ‘paperwork’ through online PDF forms. We have heard you thank us for making the process so easy. We have seen a significant improvement in form completion rates and obtained much higher quality information that we use to train and setup your office. Ultimately, we have been able to become more efficient and improve our services. Everybody wins. Imagine how it would appear if we faxed you these forms instead ? Would you be impressed? Didn’t think so. Now ask yourself what kind of impression you are making on your patients with paper forms.


Read about how EForms can help your office provide improved service to your patients in a way they will notice before they even walk through the door.


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