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We put a lot of work into this website. A few years ago we made a shift on our web strategy to focus on servicing existing clients. We understand that happy clients are the key to our success. As such, it always brings a smile to my face when people tell me how much they have learned from browsing our site.

I recently demonstrated our software to a new client, who was referred to us by one of our many great clients (this is how the vast majority of our business is gained). He had seen all the rest and felt that we stood out from the rest in terms of our informative nature. From our website to talking with our sales are support, we were clearly different and everybody involved was very knowlegeable.

Unfortunately, sometimes we find that our clients are not getting the benefits of the articles on our website. So the topic of this rant (yes it took me a while) is to say 'check us out online and see what is going on'. I promise that you are going to find things here that you will not find anywhere else and many questions will be answered. Sometimes these are questions you didnt even know you had! With our well established client base we have seen a lot and provided many solutions. Resources like our website are how we pass this knowledge along.

Recent highlights include:

We hope you find this information enlightening. If you have any topics you would like addressed just let us know!


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