Are You Getting the Most from Tracker?

Are You Getting the Most from Tracker? 

A lot of resources are put into the investment of computerizing an office in hopes that its use will increase productivity.  What is often overlooked is that your computer hardware and software is only as efficient as the person using it.  While employees trained on the basics of a new system do form a strong foundation, over time some of what is learned gets forgotten. The Tracker software is also constantly evolving by adding features. As a result many offices use certain features very well, but do not use other parts of program at all.  Additional training is available to promote proper program usage, yet very few offices take advantage of this or any other training  services to verify the user’s abilities and competency of software usage.

The Bridge Network offers a service whereby  your database is analyzed to determine how well the Tracker program is being used.  The resulting training session (if needed) will be tailored to address the areas for improvement which are unique to your practice. The feedback we have received from offices that have taken advantage of this service has been positive and many have even expressed interest in completing a database analysis on a regular basis.  Dr. Jeffery Schau in Winnipeg made the following comment on his post training questionnaire, ““I think having a database review done to guide the training session is a great idea, and glad I took that approach”. A data analysis was recently completed for a number of offices and the results for all but one revealed that many of the tools and features in Tracker were not being utilized in the most proficient manner.  As a practice owner, it is essential to make sure that the system is being used as productively as possible.  The consequences of improper system usage can result in neglected patients and treatments, creating a domino effect and, ultimately, lost revenue.  Incorrect usage of the program will also affect the integrity of statistical information. How can Tracker produce correct reports if the correct information is not being entered?  These numbers become increasingly important when its time to sell your practice.  As a Tracker user, be it the office manager, receptionist and treatment or hygiene coordinators, it is crucial that every person using the system knows how to use all the tools correctly and efficiently.

Time is precious, so why spend one hour completing a task when similar results can be achieved in a fraction of that time? Key areas of Tracker, such as the Appointment Manager and the Treatment Planning screen, could make the difference between a successful and thriving practice to one that is deteriorating.

Not convinced yet?  Run these two reports and see the results for yourself: Dormant Recall Report and Dormant Treatment Plan.  If the reports are more than two pages then you have more than two pages of neglected patients and lost revenue.  We’d strongly encourage you get a data analysis.

The cost of getting a database analysis is very small compared to what you might potentially be losing due to improper system usage.   After all, isn’t $100 a small price to pay to be confident your staff is taking advantage of all the benefits offered in Tracker? 


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