Evaluating Technology

Evaluating Technology:

Making More Efficient Use of Your Time

Since February and March are considered to be traditional ‘trade show’ months, many people in the dental community venture out to these shows to not only get educated, but to see what’s new in technology and evaluate innovative and new products. Continuing education is a key component in keeping a successful practice thriving and it’s also valuable for personal development, too.

With technology always moving forward, a lot of new products are starting to flood the dental market and many of these products are being ‘pushed’ by speakers, consultants and dental supply houses (that may or may not get some sort of endorsement). So, how do you find out about these products and evaluate them? Obviously, walking a trade show floor is a good way to meet companies and get demonstrations on merchandise, but is that the most efficient way to get a short-list of products you may want to consider – especially when these goods are just being introduced?

With the integration between software and hardware becoming blurred, The Bridge Network now finds itself evaluating more third-party technology than ever before. And since we are ‘critical thinkers’ who have been dealing with technology in the dental area for more than 15 years, we feel we can give you a very good and un-biased head start in your evaluation of new and old technology. Does a $2,000 gaming pedal really make sense to measure pocket depth? Do you really need an expensive digital SLR camera with a ring flash to get great photos? Does Cosmetic Imaging or using a Tablet to enter the New Patient information really make any sense (future Rant topics)? We strongly encourage you to visit our website and let us help you short list products we think you should consider. Taking a few minutes to read a small number of articles on our website can give you some interesting insights on products, saving you time visiting various trade show booths, surfing the Internet and/or listening to ‘sales pitches.’

Recently returning from two key dental conventions in North America: the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting and the Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Bridge Network’s John Legourdas shares his thoughts on some of the technology that caught his eye – and interestingly enough – it’s the less-expensive solutions that provided better results.

Click here for the Technology Report From the TradeShow.


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