Why aren't you taking digital photos of your patients?

The value of taking digital photos is well documented and clear. Still, many dentists are still not taking digital photos of their patients.  Of the few that do take photos regularly, many are doing it themselves instead of delegating to their staff, which is very costly. Given the tools The Bridge Network provides, there is no excuse for not having your staff take great digital photos. Lets look at each of these excuses and break them down.

Excuse #1 – It is too complicated for my staff.

Certainly, using a bulky, heavy, complicated SLR camera is hard on staff. Everybody is afraid to touch it because of fear of dropping it. Most dentists using these have taken an expensive course on macro photography, learning about things like aperture and white balance. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get similar results with point and shoot cameras? Using the right camera system, such as the doctorseyes system, you can. The instructions are simply: point the camera, press the button halfway down, get the focus lock (indicated by green box), press all the way. The camera comes to your door with all the settings for optimal dental photography and the doctorseyes LED ring lights are far superior to any ring flash.

 Excuse #2 – Once photos are taken, it is very time consuming to transfer them to the computer

Two words. Eye-Fi. CSI has a custom integration that will allows you to take a picture and have it saved onto that patients file and even in the mount automatically, instantly and wirelessly. Point, Shoot, Repeat. Done.

 Excuse #3 – It is costly

At half the cost of an intraoral camera and most SLR cameras, and with no camera training required, cost is no longer an issue. ChairSide Imaging Lite provides you with a sophisticated software package that allows you to do Visual Charting, Mounts, Case Presentation and more at a very reasonable cost.

 Excuse #4 – Confused about which camera to buy

Many people become overwhelmed on the choice between an intraoral camera and an extraoral camera. Using CSI’s cut out tools and using occlusal, buccal and lingual mirrors you can get intraoral shots that are favourable to anything you will get from your intraoral camera.

 Please check out this video Wi-Fi Demonstration with the above mentioned technologies in action. We are confident that you will be impressed.


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