You're A Dentist, An Educator and A Communicator

How many patients willingly accept treatment based solely on your recommendations? Today, people are more informed than they used to be and it's rare for someone to go ahead with treatment without first getting a second opinion or to turn to the Internet for answers.

Protect Your Office Against Ransomware

Imagine that one day out of nowhere your patient data becomes inaccessible and you learn your files are ‘locked’ and can only be unlocked by paying ransom in Bitcoins to some unknown hacker in some untraceable location.

You are Leaving Money on The Table!

Tracker has many tools that can maximize production. These tools are only as effective as the attention put into them. Our trainers can identify your weaknesses, show you how to clean up and start fresh, and implement strategies to effortlessly maximize treatment plan acceptance.

Windows 10 Now Supported

The latest version of Microsoft Windows is now supported.

Affordable, Full-Featured Windows Tablets Pack a Punch in a Dental Office

A new set of smaller Windows based tablets are a highly functional alternative to their higher-priced counterparts.

TBN Getting Ready for Windows 10

With the upcoming release of Windows 10, The Bridge Network has some good news about what you can expect.

Tech-Savvy Patients Drive Practice Changes

Technology has changed the way we live and do business. How can you make sure you’re keeping up with these changes?

New Strategic Practice Analysis

The Bridge Network is extremely excited and proud to introduce what we call our Strategic Practice Analysis (a.k.a. SPA)

Keeping Up With Tracker

Curious about what's new in the latest version of Tracker? Finding out is easier than you think.

Maximize Your Investment

Learning the basics of any software is easy; but training will take you from mediocre usage to exceptional know-how.

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