New Infection Control Options

Everyday healthcare workers risk the spread of infection. And with flu season upon us, controlling the spread of germs is even more important. While hand-washing and disinfecting common areas are two ways to fight the spread of colds and flu viruses, sometimes it's not enough. That's why The Bridge Network is pleased to bring to you two new products to help battle infection in your office: Really Cool Touch Keyboards and Viziflex Keyboard Covers. The Really Cool Touch Keyboard, by Rugged Technologies, is tough enough to be submersed in alcohol, bleach and other strong cleaners. And since the keyboard is without recesses or crevices, contaminants cannot get trapped inside the keys like with traditional keyboards.

Viziflex Keyboard Covers offer anti-microbial protection that helps guard against bacteria on the surface of a keyboard. The coated Viziflex Keyboard Covers, designed to fit over standard keyboards, inhibits germs ability to spread.

For more information on these products and others that we offer, please visit our information page. If you would like to order any of these, please contact us at 1-800-922-7434, extension 1.