The Bridge Network Announces A Series of Group Training Sessions for Tracker 11

The Bridge Network is hosting a series of Group Training Sessions to introduce clients to Tracker 11. These 'pre-training' sessions are an overview of the new features and functions of the totally redesigned program for an easier transition into Tracker 11.

New Advanced Integration with Kodak Digital X-Ray sensors

The Advanced Integration will provide users of ChairSide Imaging unparalleled image quality previously only available in Kodak Dental imaging Software!

Digital XRay Comparison

People ask our opinion about digital xray equipment all the time. There are many systems out there, each with their own pros and cons. Find out what the Clinician's Report has to say.

ITRANS Document Transfer Service

Did you know that ITRANS users can send encrypted documents to each other? If this is something you are interested in using find out how.

Get Optio Patient Ed Videos on your website for free!

Check out these free Optio Patient Education videos that you can embed into your website and find out about the benefits of online patient education.

Keep Your Employees Motivated

If youre looking for information on new office implementations or group training sessions, the recently updated training section on our website may have the answers you need.

New Infection Control Options

We are happy to announce the introduction of two new products to help with infection control in your office!

BackTrack Online Backup. Something Good Just Got Better

Earlier this year TBN introduced new BackTrack pricing that allows your office to back up 2GB of data absolutely free! Offices already backing up more than 2GB are now paying less than before.

New BackTrack Pricing

The Bridge Network is happy to announce your free 1 GB of bank grade online backup has been increased to 2 GB at no extra cost to you. In fact, BackTrack fees have lowered on average by 30%, and in some cases, fees have been reduced by as much as 80%.

For current prices, please visit out BackTrack page. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Windows 2008 Foundation Server

Until now, having a dedicated 'Server' Operating System has required a major investment. For some offices, it was a tough decision. Microsoft has simplified this choice with Foundation Server.

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