We've Got You Covered With a Host of Digital Communication Tools

In today’s business environment many offices are looking toward using technology for the competitive edge.

Moving to Tracker 11

It has been a few months since we installed Tracker 11 in our first office and since then we have been working feverishly to get it installed in as many offices as we can.

Know Anyone Still Using Autopia?

After 30 years Autopia Computer Products is no longer servicing the dental community. Given The Bridge Network’s solid reputation in the industry, Autopia creator Tom Hope recommended his clients look to The Bridge Network when it comes time to upgrade their practice management software.

Tom mentioned that ‘In meeting with TBN to determine if they would be a good fit, it was clear that they understand our values and have a passion to serve the dental community.  TBN is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for any office that would like to move to their product.’

Insurance Claims+ Internet = ITRANS

Did you know claims can be sent electronically over the Internet? Claims are sent quickly and securely saving both time and money.

Got A Crash Plan in Place? New Easy-on-the-Pocket Prices Got You Covered

The Bridge Network is delighted to announce new, significantly lower rates for BackTrack Online Backup!

Is it Time for a Strategic Practice Analysis?

The Bridge Network has been offering its clients a Database Analysis since 2006. In that time, approximately 300 Strategic Practice Analysis have been completed. Getting a new Practice Management System is like being thrown into the deep end of the swimming pool: the first thing you need to learn is how get your head above water and keep it there.

A Video is Worth a Thousand Words

The Bridge Network believes that patient education should not stop once your patients walk out the door. One of the best ways to do this is to provide videos on your Web sitethat can beemailed to patients.

Ad in Dental Practice Management Magazine

Check out our ad and advertorial on page 28 & 29 of the Winter edition of Dental Practice Management magazine: www.oralhealthgroup.com/issues/de-dpm.aspx

Carestream Dental (Kodak) Announces Integration with The Bridge Network

Carestream Dental today announced the new image integration available for its RVG digital radiography sensors with Tracker imaging and practice management software, an industry-leading solution in Canada offered by The Bridge Network Inc. This seamless integration ensures that images acquired with RVG sensors are instantly available and easily accessible through Tracker.

A special offer to offices running Autopia's DentalWorks

The Bridge Network is proud to offer a special upgrade path to Tracker

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