Windows Vista Reaching End of its Life

The Bridge Network is committed to the highest standard of software quality and customer support and, as such, we want to make you all aware of changes occurring that directly affect you.

Microsoft has announced 11 April 2017 as the scheduled retirement for Windows Vista and its Service Packs. Details on this can be found on Microsoft’s website. Although many offices have upgraded there may be some of these machines still in the wild. As a Microsoft partner, The Bridge Network uses the newest software development tools provided and these will no longer be supported in this version of Windows. In order for us to move forward with Tracker 11, and these latest technologies, Windows Vista will no longer be supported in future versions of Tracker.

If your office is on Tracker 11, we are asking that you contact your computer network administrator to upgrade any existing Vista machines to Windows 7, 8 or 10 as future updates may not be compatible.

If your office is still on Tracker 10, your program will continue to function as normal, however, Microsoft states that Vista will cease to receive security updates and this could leave your office at risk.

Our valued clients are entitled to free hardware reviews. If you are upgrading your hardware, feel free to send us your hardware specs and we will be happy to confirm if your new equipment will be compatible with Tracker now and in the future.