eTrack Online Services - A Full Suite of Solutions

Over the last few years you may have noticed that the dental software industry has introduced a number of online patient experience services. With so many options available, there can be a lot to consider when making a choice. Some solutions require an annual commitment while others force you to pay for features you may not want. Those are just a few of the gripes we heard from clients talking about their experiences with third party systems. When The Bridge Network designed its online solutions, we envisioned an evolving suite of services that offices could opt in or out of depending on their needs, and be billed accordingly. We also are proud to have been the only software company to offer a 3-months free, no strings attached trial. The majority of people who tried Mobile Confirmation Agent and eForms have stayed on. Of the others who felt the time was not right and politely declined, none were held to unreasonable terms or made to pay for something they didn’t need or want.

In Tracker 11.26, we are excited to announce the latest evolution of our eTrack Online Services with the addition of Online Recall Appointment Booking. Most offices book their recalls well in advance for the vast majority of patients. However, there are always those patients who are not easy to get a hold of – the proverbial 20%. It can be very time consuming trying to make arrangements for this group. Chances are they are the “don’t call me, I’ll call you type” who prefer to make arrangements on their terms. This is where Online Recall Appointment Booking comes in. Tracker can automatically identify these patients and send them an invitation to book their recall appointment as the due date approaches. These patients will get to choose only from appointment blocks that you make available to them, so they can’t mess up your schedule.

An eTrack bundle of eForms, Mobile Confirmation Agent and Online Booking costs $200 a month. That is less than half the cost of competitors who cannot even confirm the appointments automatically, among other things. Click for more information on these services.