BackTrack Online Backup. Something Good Just Got Better

Earlier this year TBN introduced new BackTrack pricing that allows your office to back up 2GB of data absolutely free! Offices already backing up more than 2GB are now paying less than before.

With no setup or monitoring fees, your office can now backup all its practice management and charting data without lifting a finger or paying a dime.

While traditional backups require that media be organized, labeled, rotated, stored off-site and replaced periodically, with BackTrack, you don't need to worry about any of that. BackTrack stores your data using bank grade security and storage technology providing safety, security and peace of mind.

Even if you already have a backup system in place, your office can still use BackTrack for a combination that guarantees you can be back-up-and-running immediately in the event of an emergency.

Hundreds of offices are already taking advantage of this unbelievable offer, so why aren’t you! Click here to read more about BackTrack and what it can do for your office.