Get Optio Patient Ed Videos on your website for free!

Optio Patient Education is a great tool to have in your office, and that is why we teamed up with Optio Publishing to provide Optio Lite to all Tracker users. We strongly believe that patient education should not stop once your patients walk out the door. We also believe that one of the best ways to do this is to provide videos on your website that can be emailed to patients.

Optio provides a free selection of videos that can be easily embedded with your website (it took us about 5 minutes to achieve this). See the results at A full subscription to the Optio Website Videos provides a vast selection of additional videos and you can choose from Optio Dentistry, Ortho, Cosmetic and Kids Zone.

If you would like to add these videos to your own website, you can contact Brent Parr of Optio Publishing at 1-866-906-7846 or by email at