Windows 2008 Foundation Server

No business, big or small, should store its data on anything less than a proper server. Yet, most small- and mid-sized dental offices use a 'workstation' operating system as their server. This is because of the traditionally high cost of a proper server Operating System (OS).

Microsoft recognized that the traditional options available  were often more than users required. With the Windows 2008 Foundation Server, Microsoft  has nicely filled a niche that has gone unserviced. A Foundation Server provides the basics of a 'Server' OS without some of the bells-and-whistles traditionally offered. The performance benefits of a server are now available without the cost. In fact, the cost of a fully equipped 2008 Foundation Server pc is only marginally greater than a Workstation pc. Users should also be comforted by the knowledge that Foundation Server can be fully upgraded to any of Microsoft's Server Operating Systems.

Foundation Server has certain limitations that larger offices will need to consider before making any purchase decisions. For more on these see the following page on Microsoft's website:

With the Foundation Server, we feel no office should move forward without a server OS as cost is no longer a limiting factor.