State Of The Art Technology

Financial and Insurance Tracking

Tracker offers much more than simple Treatment Planning and Invoicing. Each treatment plan status is tracked from the initial diagnosis, through insurance submission to completing the treatment which automatically creates the invoice. Tracker gives you the ability to attach a scanned remittance, save estimates and Insurance Submissions and automatically maintains all EDI responses.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Tracker incorporates a comprehensive Treatment Planning feature that allows you to easily re-organize a plan and record a patient’s acceptance of individual phases of treatments. The status of each group or individual procedure code, ranging from recommended/elective to completed/declined, can be tracked. If the patient accepts any part of the treatment, you can automatically create an invoice for those procedures.

Treatment Planning is tightly integrated with our Appointment Manager so pending appointments can be made based on the patient’s treatment plan for easing tracking. Treatment plans are also automatically created and updated from Charting.

Digital Charting

Provides structure and efficiency to charting activities and enhanced office communication. The result is consistent charting, accurate and instant billing and ideal user and patient workflow. Multiple Layout Views allows each user to define their own workspace to provide all pertinent information within one clinical application.

Charting is a powerful, fully-automated charting software system that offers restorative and periodontal charting, along with comprehensive treatment planning and clinical notes. Charting is not only an integral part of Tracker, but also uniquely integrates with Imaging to offer you all the benefits of ‘Visual Charting’. Charting makes it possible for you to be more efficient and consistent in your charting activities and it eliminates the chance of missed production due to poor communication. You can also rest assured that all information entered in Charting is fully secure.

Modern Patient Communications

Mobile Confirmation Agent

Increase your patient’s satisfaction, decrease no-shows and improve your staff’s efficiency. Text and email messages have a high response rate from patients. These technology tools enable your patients to get their appointment reminders directly, and easily submit their confirmations, from wherever they might happen to be. Your staff can then focus on the patients that need extra attention.

Two Way Texting

The latest version of Tracker has the option of allowing you to engage in 2 way texting with your patients. Currently, when a patient sends an invalid text, they are given an automatic text response asking to call the office. This happens, for example, when a patient tries to respond to a text message to reschedule or cancel. For many offices, this is preferable. However, some offices prefer to receive the incoming text and then provide a live response. 2-way texting allows you to do this.


With access to the patient information form at your patient’s fingertips, this integrated solution allows your patients to submit their information to you from the privacy and comfort of their own home. This allows your patients to spend less time in your waiting room and allows your staff to review the information for alerts and accuracy prior to the actual appointment. Because we realize that each office is different, eForms allows you to customize your online New Patient Forms to your individual needs.

eForms is an integrated solution that allows your patients to fill out their patient information from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Sophisticated Tools

Fully Integrated Image Management

Is an intuitive fully integrated image management system that allows you to quickly store, retrieve, organize, categorize, show case, edit, e-mail and print ALL formats of your patient’s digital images.

Imaging is the cornerstone of ‘Visual Charting’ and is a fully mature system that has grown to meet the needs of our clients and promote optimal operatory work-flow.

BackTrack - Online Backup

It’s an unfortunate situation, but over the past 13 years we’ve had several offices lose their data due to fires or stolen computers. When this happens the first thing on your mind is how to get all of your data back. In a lot of these cases, no up-to-date backup solution is available, and with more offices going with Digital Imaging, your data has never been more important. Since getting your data restored can be a very time consuming process, and since we have always been the first place where our offices turn to when a problem arises, we are introducing our online backup system, BackTrack.

Tracker Messenger

Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way to communicate with others in your office? We have the answer for you! Messenger is a Tracker Add-On that allows instant communication between workstations on a network. A simple click of the mouse will allow you to send messages, warnings and notifications to your co-workers on other machines.

Keep your focus on your patients and let Tracker manage and maintain your practice.