Mobile Confirmation Agent - FAQ


Q: Will automated confirmations continue to work when the office is closed, such as on weekends?

Email confirmations continue to be sent when you are away from the office. You will need to make sure that Tracker and Microsoft Outlook are running on the computer that has been specified as the Confirmation Server.

Q: Can I show Pre Med information on confirmation and reminder emails?

You can update your email template to include Pre-Med info for patients who require this. Simply add the field called ‘Pre Meds’ to the document. It is located in the ‘Contacts’ fields in the TWord field selector.

Example: Patient has the following active Pre-Med: Take 1 Amoxicillin 250mg 1 hour prior to appointment.
On that patient’s email, the following will appear:

Medication Required Prior to Appointment:
Take 1 Amoxicillin 250mg 1 hour prior to appointment.

If the patient has no active premeds, then nothing at all will appear.

Q: What are the limitations of using SMS/Text messaging compared to emailing?

Text Messages are limited to 160 characters. This prevents you for including very many details and extras including premed, practice info, calendar file. In addition you are limited to plain text so it is not possible to including branding elements such as your logo, website, social media, map, promotions etc. In addition, when family confirmations are introduced they will be limited to email.

Q: What happens when I add a last minute appointment? Which communications go out?

Lets take an example. Automated communications are set up to do preconfirmations 14 days in advance, confirmations 5 days in advance, and reminders 1 day in advance.

What if you book an appointment for 2 days from now? Mobile Confirmation manager will not send out a pre confirmation or confirmation because we are within 14 and 5 days respectively. It will send a reminder. If you would like a confirmation to go out, you can do this manually in these cases. Conversely, if an appointment was cancelled two days ago, the last reminder set to go one day in advance will not be sent.