Mobile Confirmation Agent

Ask your patients and many of them will tell you: They would prefer to confirm their appointments electronically via email or text. Mobile Confirmation Agent does so automatically, with full appointment integration. When you can increase patient satisfaction, decrease no-shows and improve staff efficiency, everybody wins.

Live, Up-To-Date Data

Unlike 3rd party confirmation tools which ‘synchronize’ with your database – sometimes as infrequently as 24 hours! – Mobile Confirmation Agent is a part of Tracker and uses live, up-to-date appointment information. Patients are guaranteed to get 100% accurate appointment information.

Full Automation

Email confirmations are scheduled to go out prior to the appointment date. You set the number of days. You can also specify which patients received these confirmations and how they are received based on patient preference of email vs text. Every 30 minutes, the schedule is checked for changes and if new appointments are added, the confirmation email will go out. Offices can schedule the messages to go out at the best possible time so patients are not receiving text messages at 2AM!

One-Click confirmation

Patients simply click on their confirmation link and their appointment is confirmed in Tracker. Electronically confirmed appointments are added to the patientís calendar so they donít forget their appointment.


Full Schedule Integration

Appointments are automatically updated with the confirmation status in real-time. The Appointment Call List is updated with exact time when confirmations are sent and received. The end result is just as if it was done by your staff, only without the labour.


Complete Confirmation Solution

Most systems begin and end with confirming patients electronically, ignoring those who require an old-fashioned phone call. Mobile Confirmation Agentís ĎAppointment Confirmation Managerí is a comprehensive report of all your booked patients that allows you to instantly identify the confirmation status of any patient. Once your electronic confirmations go out, following up by phone with the rest is easy.