Image Quality and Storage Space Requirements

We've been getting a lot or enquiries about the disk space requirements of CSI vs. those of other Image management systems. Some suppliers of these systems are promoting high-ratio file compression which makes for smaller files. The supposed benefits are less hard disk space usage as well as greater speed. It is important to note that:

Image Size and Your Camera: What are the best settings for me?

One of the most known features of Digital Cameras today, is the amount of Megapixels (MP) you have. Megapixels ultimately decides the maximum picture size you can take, but what is most commonly overlooked is exactly how many Megapixels is adequate for the what you are doing.

New Technology: I-Tech Virtual Keyboard Review

The I-Tech Virtual Keyboard uses the latest in infrared, laser and Bluetooth technologies to project a full sized keyboard onto almost any flat surface. Although its main intent is for use with portable devices such as Pocket PC’s and SmartPhones, the I-Tech Virtual Keyboard can also be connected to your PC via Bluetooth. This enables users to work just as efficiently and effectively but at the same time taking away bulky oversized keyboards and maintaining a sterile environment, which is a major concern in many offices.

Wireless Technology

The Ontario Dental Association has printed a very informative article in its June edition of the “Ontario Dentist” and can be easily accessed and viewed via the internet at The article seeks to advise dentists with guidelines for purchasing a new computer.

Patient Education via the Internet

The Internet is acting as a means of patient education. Traditionally, patients have relied on verbal and written information given to them in the doctor’s office. Now, patients are learning that the Internet can be an important source of information.

The Art of Mandibular Nerve Block A New Approach to Accomplishing Regional Anaesthesia Involving the Inferior Alveolar Nerve (v3)

For over 100 years, dentists have endeavored to control pain in their offices by utilizing a method that blocked the pathway of pain impulses to the brain. To accomplish this blockade, a local anaesthetic is deposited in proximity to a sensory nerve.

Should I Lease or Should I Loan?

Whenever a dentist buys a piece of equipment, he or she usually asks whether leasing the item or getting a loan to purchase it is the right thing to do. Often the question arises because the person has heard that leasing something is more beneficial for income tax purposes. Like much of what you hear in casual conversation, this is absolutely true and absolutely false. This article hopes to give you some insight into the two types of transactions and the aspects to consider before deciding.

Light Cured Composite Resins An Untoward Sequelae

One undesirable property of light-cured composite resin restorative materials, is the amount of contraction during the curing process. In the early years, a big problem was the ‘open’ margins that resulted when the resin shrank as it cured.

What is EDI and CDAnet?

EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange. The CDA, along with selected insurance companies created CDAnet to offer Canadian dentists EDI capabilities. CDAnet is a national computer network system established by dentists for dentists.

Windows Server 2003 And the Benefits to a Dental Office

The latest server operating system from Microsoft is Windows Server Edition 2003. Windows Server 2003 better combines the usage user friendly features on user based operating systems such as Windows XP, but allows server based features such as networking protocols allowing client stations with little computing power to send and receive information that is processed on the main server machine. There are a number of benefits that Server 2003 provides for users of client-server databases from cost savings to increased productivity to a realistic solution for working from remote locations. The purpose of this article is to put these features and benefits in the perspective of creating a solution for dental practices.

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