New Technology from Cleankeys

Infection control in the operatories across all instruments has never been easier. Cleankeys has introduced the next generation of hygienic keyboards.  They have also introduced monitoring software that alerts users when to clean the keyboards! We like the fact that the company listened to consumer feedback and then implemented the changes suggested in order to have a better user experience.

Cleankeys 3-15 (wireless)

The new lightweight CK3-15 keyboard is wireless (RF) and uses industrial-strength Corningâ Gorillaâ Glass (the smooth typing surface typically used on smart phones) for improved durability and touch sensitivity.  It incorporates patented Touch-Tap™ technology for ease of use, making it the most technologically advanced solid-surface keyboard available today.  Another innovation is the dual-use numpad whose surface also doubles as a large touchpad, maintaining the size of the keyboard’s footprint without compromising functionality. We found the keyboard to be responsive and easy for a touch typist to use.


Cleankeys Monitoring Software (included for free with all CK3 keyboards)

Market research uncovered a huge need. Management knows that keyboards are dirty, but have no control over when or how to direct staff to clean the keyboards. This software monitors several aspects of keyboard use, and alerts the user as to when the keyboard should be cleaned. It also detects the thoroughness of keyboard cleaning and provides users with a “clean gauge”, monitoring the cleaning process and alerting the user when the keyboard is 100% clean.  This software is bundled as part of the keyboard package at no extra charge to the customer.


Cleankeys Mouse

The scroll wheel on a mouse is typically extremely difficult to clean. The wireless submersible model sits in a charging cradle (which doubles as a USB hub) to charge.  There are no batteries to remove and replace.  Both the wired and wireless models use a traditional scroll wheel, and yet are IP68 compliant. We believe that you will like this product, and the ease of cleaning, a lot.


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