Cybernet iOne i-945 All in one Touchscreen LCD PC & Cybernet iOne ZPC-9100

Cybernet iOne i-945 All in one Touchscreen LCD PC & Cybernet iOne ZPC-9100

Striving to find the best and most applicable technology for offices, we have found two pieces of hardware that can change the way you look at operatory computers. Both the Cybernet iOne and ZPC computers have managed to squeeze the processing and computing powers from top of the line PCs into a package that takes up a minimal amount of space in your operatory.

Cybernet iOne i-945
Starting at $999

With a thickness that’s only a bit more than your average LCD monitor, the i-945 is a built in computer with touch screen. The only thing you will need to do is add a keyboard. The touch screen responsiveness can easily be adjusted to suit our needs and through the use of ChairSide Charting and ChairSide Imaging you can see how much easier performing regular functions can be using this machine.

The usage of touch screen may not be ideal for every office, adding on a keyboard and mouse to this machine is just as easy as a regular PC using the multiple USB 2.0 ports available to you.

For those offices wishing to use the computers for patient consulting, an additional monitor can also be added for use as a dual monitor system providing a separate screen for the patient to view.

Cybernet ZPC-9100
Starting at $629

In a similar yet different fashion, the ZPC-9100 provides a full top of the line computer within the size of a typical keyboard. Ideal for many front desk applications, this computer built into a keyboard only needs a monitor to be able to become fully functional.

This space saving unit helps prevent build up of cables and cords underneath the desk going to various computers and sometimes accidentally unplugged by people nearby. A built in touchpad similar to those found on laptops provides the user with all necessary mouse capabilities for windows navigation.

As with the previous device, this pc also features dual monitor output as well as all of capabilities of your standard desktop computer including expansion for additional ports and devices within the keyboard itself!

These devices can be configured to your specifications by visiting the Cybernet website and come with your choice of either Windows XP or Windows Vista and they can also be bundled with a built in Wifi connection.

Take a look at a testomonial from the Cybernet website:

Cybernet Aids Local Dental Offices!

Katsur Management Group Outfits High-Tech Dental Operatories with Cybernet

     Katsur Management Group thinks globally for its growing family of dental affiliates.  They strive to maintain first class dental facilities with high levels of patient satisfaction.  With a goal of outfitting their Dental Offices with the latest in technology, KMG found their way to the digital doorstep of Cybernet Manufacturing Inc.  What caught their eye was Cybernet’s all-in-one LCD-PC, the i-One™™.  With its compact design and desktop power it seemed a no-brainer.  After purchasing and evaluating an i-One™, Katsur has moved forward with a project to get i-One™ units installed in their operatories all over the United States.  Their investment in the future of dentistry creates an organization that endures, and KMG believes a great thing should become stronger as time goes by.  As such, they are constantly re-evaluating their operatories to see where improvements can be made.  Such improvements include implementation for the i-One™.

     “Our units are on the cutting edge of space-saving technology, and who better to benefit from our solution than a dentist?” asks Greg Lucciano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cybernet.  “With the tools of yesterday’s dentist quickly evolving into the digital age, a PC is becoming a must have tool in the operatory.  With limited space available to them, the i-One™ LCD-PC is the optimum solution.  With its wall-mounting capability, the keyboard and other devices can be neatly stored away until needed.  It was a natural choice for Katsur Management Group.”

If you’re in the market for a new PC for the office, it’s definitely worth while to give these a look. These PC’s provide users with all of the capabilities and functions of a regular PC without the extra cost.


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