New Technology: I-Tech Virtual Keyboard Review

The I-Tech Virtual Keyboard uses the latest in infrared, laser and Bluetooth technologies to project a full sized keyboard onto almost any flat surface. Although its main intent is for use with portable devices such as Pocket PC’s and SmartPhones, the I-Tech Virtual Keyboard can also be connected to your PC via Bluetooth. This enables users to work just as efficiently and effectively but at the same time taking away bulky oversized keyboards and maintaining a sterile environment, which is a major concern in many offices.


The sleek black design of this unit along with the projected keyboard image looks like something that came out of a futuristic movie and is guaranteed to turn heads and “wow” onlookers wherever you use it.

Weighing only 90 grams and having the dimensions 90mm x 34mm x 24mm (slightly bigger than a lighter) the virtual keyboard is very portable and the perfect solution to areas where only a limited amount of space is available. The package includes a leather carrying case to protect the device when transporting and keep it looking its best after storage.


There are various ways in which you can connect the keyboard to devices. These ways are typically through a serial or Bluetooth connection, or by a use of a cable specially designed for certain handheld devices.

Once connected, the set up for the virtual keyboard is particularly easy. After the Bluetooth connection on your PC is paired with the keyboard and the included software is installed, you can begin typing away. The pre-packaged software allows you to change the light intensity, key repeat rate, sensitivity and others.

Various settings included in the Virtual Keyboards software include the ability to set how bright the image being projected is (conserving battery), whether or not a beep will sound after each key press, the sensitivity of key pressing while typing and some others. While most of these settings are not that important, setting the sensitivity of the keyboard will dramatically change the way how well the keyboard works.

You can also set the two different timeout features that the keyboard has. With the first, the keyboard will turn itself off during a certain amount of idle time, the other one being the keyboard disabling its projection and entering in what can be seen as a “stand by” mode. To turn the keyboard back on from this mode a simple wave of the hand in front of the device and it will turn back on and be ready for use.


The Virtual Keyboard has a built in battery that can provide    users with approximately 2 hours of continuous typing.     However, proper use and setting of the “stand by” mode      this  will actually be much longer.

The laser keyboard image produced by the device is very bright and clear, and works well on almost any surface. Although it is more than adequate for use in most situations, due to the nature of the product, it does perform better on darker surfaces with less light.

When looking at typing speed an accuracy of the device, setting the level of sensitivity plays a relatively large role. More advanced keyboard users may find that straight out of the box, the virtual keyboard may not be incredibly accurate. However, once you play around with the sensitivity you will find yourself typing away at relatively high speeds with only an occasional error. With the appropriate settings and proper typing techniques, you can reach about 30 WPM using this device, a more than adequate amount for most users.


With the virtual keyboard, you have the ability to turn any flat surface into a fully functional keyboard. Regular keyboards are big, bulky and get dirty very easily. With the I-Tech Virtual device you can turn almost any surface into a fully functioning keyboard while keeping the area completely sterile (a main concern of many offices). Keeping this in mind, this device isn’t necessarily recommended for receptionists or others working in high traffic areas, but it can be the perfect solution to those working in operatories who need to maintain a germ free environment and conserve space while working on patients.

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