New Technology from Cleankeys

Infection control in the operatories across all instruments has never been easier. Cleankeys has introduced the next generation of hygienic keyboards. They have also introduced monitoring software that alerts users when to clean the keyboards! We like the fact that the company listened to consumer feedback and then implemented the changes suggested in order to have a better user experience.

We've Got You Covered With a Host of Digital Communication Tools

In today’s business environment many offices are looking toward using technology for the competitive edge.

Digital XRay Comparison

People ask our opinion about digital xray equipment all the time. There are many systems out there, each with their own pros and cons. Find out what the Clinician's Report has to say.

Carestream Dental (Kodak) Announces Integration with The Bridge Network

Carestream Dental today announced the new image integration available for its RVG digital radiography sensors with Tracker imaging and practice management software, an industry-leading solution in Canada offered by The Bridge Network Inc. This seamless integration ensures that images acquired with RVG sensors are instantly available and easily accessible through Tracker.

Donate Your Old Hardware

There are lots of cool things you can do with your old hardware, but one of the best things you can do is donate it.

Cybernet iOne i-945 All in one Touchscreen LCD PC & Cybernet iOne ZPC-9100

Striving to find the best and most applicable technology for offices, we have found two pieces of hardware that can change the way you look at operatory computers.

Technology Report From the TradeShow Floor

Here is a summary of some cool new things we’ll be implementing as well as some other interesting technologies you can pick up on your own.

Bridging to other software

Bridging to other software has advantages and disadvantages.

Digitizing your ops

Don’t know where to begin? Overwhelmed with features, benefits, choices? Is cost a major consideration? One of the easiest, most versatile and least expensive products to integrate into the dental practice has been the digital camera.

Intra-Oral Digital Radiography: Direct versus Indirect Methods

Intra-Oral Digital Radiography is quickly emerging as one of the "hottest" areas in dentistry, a popularity that is in great part fueled by the improved accessibility, performance, and decreased price of PC’s. Surveys indicate that Digital Radiography is on or near the top of the wish lists of a very high percentage of dentists.

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