Why Imaging?

With the growing popularity of digital imaging, Imaging has been redesigned in response to the requests of our clients to enhance current features and to include additional functions. In particular, image editing and categorizing are easier and faster to use, image management - such as importing and presenting - are more useful and, finally, integration with digital radiography systems has been added making Imaging your one source for patient images. Though we continue to develop direct integration to various digital radiography systems, Imaging supports all the popular x-ray systems.

What does Direct Integration mean?

Imaging interfaces directly with the hardware that acquires the digital image so you don't need a "bridge" to another application. Therefore, you can use Imaging to capture and store digital x-rays instead of using the software that is often sold as a "soft dollar" or "thrown in" with a digital radiography system!

What benefit is there to using Imaging versus the software?

  • Imaging is one program for all your digital images. It's been designed to manage all your electronic images - not just digital radiography images. It can also store and capture short videos which can be used for treatment diagnosis even after the patient as left the office.
  • A more robust system. Not surprisingly, companies put major research and development effort into developing a new digital radiography system. However, as a result, the software that is normally bundled with the new hardware does not receive as much attention as the hardware itself. The result of this is software created by companies that do not specialize in designing software or were written years ago using older technology. The commitment to the advancement of their product is not always evident. Imaging was written using the latest .net technology and development tools to optimize image quality and work flow.
  • Easily adaptable to other digital radiography systems. Designed on the premise of open architecture, Imaging will directly integrate with most Digital X-ray sensors, Digital Pan/Ceph machines, Phosphor Plate Scanners, Intra-oral cameras or Digital SLR cameras. Most software included with digital radiography systems only work with its own specific hardware. Therefore, if you ever decide to switch digital radiography systems, you will no longer have access to all patient images in one application. Not to mention that one day you may want to use two independent digital radiography systems (which some of our clients already do). Since Imaging is hardware independent and interfaces with several digital radiography systems, it is very convenient and practical to see all of your images together for a particular patient that have been captured by various digital radiography systems (or by any other digital source).
  • True integration with Tracker and Charting. Imaging integrates completely with all TBN products (Tracker, T-Word, Custom Forms, and Charting). While many other systems use a bridge to join programs together, this does not give you the same performance as fully integrated software. Since we wrote the program, we can obviously have better integration with Tracker and Charting than with a third party application. For instance, your patient facial photo that is captured and stored in Imaging will automatically be displayed on the patient screen in Tracker. You can also now view thumbnails of all the patient's images from an "Images" tab on Tracker's Patient screen or within Charting. Moreover, as we start to enhance Charting there will be even more integration between Tracker, Charting and Imaging.
  • More responsive to your needs with better support. One of the greatest advantages of Imaging is the simple fact that it was developed by The Bridge Network. Therefore, you can rest assured that not only is Imaging well-designed and will always integrate seamlessly with Tracker, but with dental industry trained staff, Imaging is again backed by the best service, support and training in Canada. We constantly strive to improve what we do through our customer's feedback. Like Tracker, many new features are a result of your input. Also, as new digital tools come into the marketplace, we will continue to add and test these new products to provide you with the best available solutions.
  • Imaging also comes in a lite version to grow as you grow. We often recommend that if you're unsure how to approach these new technologies, you should walk before you run. We have found this to be easier on you, your staff and your patients. Imaging Lite has many of the same features as our regular program Imaging Pro, but is designed for those offices not quite ready to implement digital radiography into their practice. This allows you to learn one software with the option to upgrade to the full-featured version at any time down the road.
  • Imaging is backed by TBN with a money back guarantee. We have noted a number of current software programs are non-refundable once they are installed. You have to ask yourself, why? We have no hidden agenda and stand behind everything that we make. Software is not just something you buy and use. It is part of the success of your business.