The Truth about 'Going Digital'

Since software is the hub of the digital office, it’s no wonder that the majority of our clients call us first when going digital. What puzzles us, however, is that many of you still purchase an x-ray system before contacting us and then ask us to piece the puzzle together. The very first thing you should do when considering going digital is call The Bridge Network. Since you already use our Tracker Practice Management Software, you have already taken one significant step. Given that you already have our software managing your business, it makes sense that our software is used to manage the rest of your dental practice in one seamless, integrated package. But don’t just take it for granted. Put us to the challenge and contact us to find out how. Making this call is certain to save you thousands of dollars and many headaches. The truth is that there are many myths in the marketplace about going digital. Let’s examine these myths and discuss the realities and what they mean for you.

Myth #1. Digital x-ray systems work best with the software sold by the digital x-ray rep.

The truth is that there are many imaging software packages that are compatible with any given digital x-ray system. All of them yield identical raw images. All of them provide post acquisition processing tools to enhance the xray a little bit here or there, depending on what you are looking for. So given that all software will yield basically the same image, what is all the fuss about? Well, there is a significant difference in the interface. The way the user interacts with the software is crucial. Is it efficient, intuitive and easy to use?. The way in which the images are utilized across your practice management, charting, imaging and letter writing software is very important. Lastly, digital imaging software should not be only about x-ray but also be a case presentation and marketing tool. This cannot be provided by the digital x-ray software packaged with the system. The reality is that the best imaging software for you is the one that provides solutions to all your imaging needs.

Myth #2. The Bridge Network is a Practice Management Software.

The fact is that The Bridge Network has been doing electronic Charting with Perio Voice Activation for 10+ years. Our Imaging software has been around for over 8 years. In addition we have TWord letter writing, Integrated Patient Education and integration with digital signatures.

Myth #3. Using a Bridge with a 3rd party imaging software will make that imaging software ‘compatible with tracker’.

By bridging to an imaging software you lose out on many of the benefits of integration such as 'Visual Charting'.

Myth #4. Only the Dental Supply company can support your imaging software

The dental supply company does not manufacture the sensors. They simply sell it. When there is a problem that needs manufacturer support, we all have the same access to manufacturer support. In addition, the vast majority of the support will be on the software end. For example, when Windows Vista came out, many of the software packages provided by the dental supply companies were not Vista ready, whereas The Bridge Network was able to be the first. More importantly, the dental supply company may leave you in the dark if they stop selling the equipment you use. Lastly, if you try to mix and match equipment from different suppliers (such as Schick Intraoral with an Instrumentarium Pan) you are not going to be able to do both devices in the same software and will not have a single point of support like you get with The Bridge Network. Why take a chance on support when The Bridge Network has already proven to have superior technical support over and over again?

Myth #5. Bigger is better

The huge dental supply companies have a rep who sells you the software, and in many cases that is somebody you may never see again. Or is it the same person who sells you the latex gloves? In which case, how much can they know about software? Our lean and mean approach means that you are getting specialized expertise from the very same people who have implemented our other successful offices. This enables us to duplicate our success. Think of it in terms of quality control. If they have so many trainers, surely some are better and more experienced than others. Surely they send their best trainers to the ‘high-profile’ offices and the rest of the offices get the less experienced and less effective trainers. With The Bridge Network you always getting  highest level of expertise in training and implementation. So if our software worked in one office, its going to work just as well in yours.

Let's now discuss some facts about going digital:

FACT: Imaging works with the widest array of digital x-ray systems available in Canada.

FACT: The Dental Supply companies provide software solutions that only work with the hardware they provide. They are eager to provide their software to you and lock you in to the equipment they sell exclusively. If this is not bad enough, consider that exclusive deals are not forever. In an infamous example of this, one of the major dental supply companies and one of the major digital xray suppliers had a falling out. As a result, support for that xray system was discontinued and customers in the middle of this tug of war had to either upgrade their software or x-ray equipment in order to continue getting support. The Bridge Network is hardware independent so this will never happen to our clients.

FACT: Many of our competitors store their images in a proprietary format. This means that if you desire to switch to a new software down the road, you will not be able to automatically export your data to your new software package.

FACT: Only The Bridge Network can provide you with an integration between Practice Management, Imaging, Charting, Patient Education, Letter Writing and more!

FACT: Imaging is the only software that allows for wireless digital photography.

FACT: Our Training and Implementation process is designed in Canada for the Canadian dental market.

FACT: Our people are experienced. Our training co-ordinator has been with us for over 10 years and our digital integration specialist has been here for 11 years. Our support team consists of people who have been with us for an average of 5 years. Be assured that you will deal with an experienced and qualified person each time you deal with us.