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If you are looking at going digital in your dental office, you have a significant decision to make. As such, it is important to understand the digital environment so that you make the best choice for your practice. By visiting our website you have made the first smart choice. But don’t take our word for it. Our competitors are telling you to simply trust them, that they somehow know better than you what is best for your practice. The Bridge Network believes that trust is earned. Let us earn your trust and put us to the test. Please take some time to explore these resources and become informed. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. We have been in the dental software industry since 1992 and have pioneered a number of industry firsts. Along the way we have gained valuable insights to the dental industry that uniquely positions us to provide award-winning software solutions that have earned accolades from the industry and our customers practicing at over 1000 offices across Canada and close to 100 offices in the US. From our flagship Tracker practice management system to our fully integrated and revolutionary ‘Visual Charting’ suite, we have earned our clients’ trust through exceptional products and unmatched service and expertise. Dental software is our sole focus and it shows.

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See our ad and advertorial from The December issue of “Dental Practice Management Magazine”. You will find that this ad stands out from the monotony of other dental software ads. It is inspired by the wildly popular presentation ‘The SubPrime Primer... At the Mortgage Brokers”, it’s believed that the recent crisis in the financial world was due to people blindly trusting what they were being sold. That short-sightedness has created financial ruin. Don’t let your lack of knowledge about digital offices force you into a decision that could lead to dire consequences down the road! Start now by getting educated.

Get Informed.
Our website is loaded with information and these are some of our most popular articles that have proven to be eye-openers for many clients. Sort through the information by separating the truths and myths of ‘going digital’ and find some unconventional insight that you won’t see anywhere else. The ‘Going Digital Checklist’ is a must read.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!
Read a few quotes from some of our many satisfied clients. But don’t stop there. Contact us and we can provide you referrals to other satisfied clients who may have things in common with you. See our video demonstrations to see some of the solutions in action. The wireless digital photography has been described as ‘too good to be true’ – but its real, and you can see for yourself.