Imaging Functionality and Comparison Chart

  Pro Lite
Video Capture
File Import
Twain Capture
Quick Import
Capture from Digital Radiography Systems
Capture Device Specific (Directly into a selected Mount)
Capture Device Specific (Prompt for Mount)
Capture Live Video Feed
Multi Image Layout Sceen
Image Properties
Unlimited user-defined image categories
Teeth by number
Pre-Defined Mounts
Custom Designed Mounts
Auto Tagging of image categories
Auto Rotation of captured images
Send Images to Mount Option
Editing Images from Mounts
Export Mount to PDF
Auto Acquire Shortcuts
Image Editing
Flip/Rotate Image (90 degrees)
Rotate Freely (any amount of degrees)
Crop to Image Selection
Center to Point
Crop to Centre (and preserve Aspect Ratio)
Magnify Functionality
Magnify Viewer (X3, X5, X10)
Magnify Viewer for Brightness/Contrast/Inversion
Image Enhancement Tools
Auto Equalize/Contrast/Brightness/Levels, Stretch Intensity
Adjust Levels, Enhance Sharpness/Contrast, Remap Intensity 
Colourize, Grayscale, Saturation
Remove Noise, Despeckle, Emboss, Find Edges
Increase/Decrease Brightness/Contrast
Show/Hide Centre Line
Show/Hide Grid
Revert to Original Image
Resize Image
Send to Front/Back
Show/Hide Annotations
Cut/Copy/Paste Annotation
Text Pointer
Edit Pen/Brush and Text/Background Colour
Draw Line, Ellipse, Circle, Rectangle
Draw Curve, Closed Curve, Polygon, Polyline,  Freehand
Polyruler & Protractor functionality
Zooming capabilities
To Selection
Zoom to Fit
Zoom to Width
Export to Clipboard
Export to JPEG
Export mount to PDF
Print Preview to screen
Print to Paper
Print Multi Image Layout Screen
Images as a JPEG
Mounts as a JPEG
Direct Integration
Integration with Tracker
Integration with Charting
Integration with T-Word
Multiple Provider Functionality
Notes and Forms