The Evolution of Imaging

As more office "Go Digital", Imaging continues to be refined to meet the needs of our clients. Imaging is quickly becoming the software of choice by TBN clients, eliminating the need to have multiple imaging software products.

TBN values your input and we have recently made a number of improvements to Imaging. Often, larger companies who do not specialize in software and whose primary interest is outside the country are unable or unwilling to respond to such valuable insight. We would like to thank you for suggestions and keep them coming.

We at TBN realize that the most important aspect in the creation of any software is design. Hardware companies (digital radiography sensors/intra-oral cameras) generally overlook this fact and software's impact on work-flow. As a result, the software that is usually offered with your new hardware does not receive the same amount of attention, thus compromising the results.

Imaging has been developed to promote optimal operatory work-flow. We have implemented Imaging at a number of offices and studied the interactions between staff, patients, imaging equipment and computers in order to maximize your efficiency. Features such as auto image alignment and multiple exposure auto-take allows you to take an entire series of images or x-rays without having to touch the computer. Unlike other systems which require you to remove your gloves and interact with the computer between each image, Imaging is designed with efficiency in mind while taking important issues such as infection control into account. Our Sales, Support and Software Development team have all spent time in the field observing how real people use our software so that we can design it to work in a real-world environment. The results are obvious.

Some of our more recent enhancements include:

  • Direct integration with many of the leading digital radiography manufacturers with more to come.
  • New Enhancement features for greater viewing flexibility (Crop to center, Zoom window, Multi-image comparison, image rotation correction)
  • More functional search features (Categories, by date, by source) Makes accessing your specific cases a snap
  • Customizable Mount Templates - Mix images for better case presentation, show progress of patient

Imaging was designed on the principal of "open architecture." This means we are willing to directly integrate with any dental hardware manufacturers while at the same time allowing you to save your images in a non proprietary format. Many software companies have designed their product to lock you in, making it virtually impossible to transfer images to any other program and thus limiting your options to use certain products.

Why a direct integration?

  • Sharing of information, images and annotations with other key aspects of the software
  • As hardware continues to change and improve, going direct allows you to keep control over the information and images you acquire. In the format and place where you can access it

And don't forget the concept we call 'Visual Charting' - by integrating Imaging with Tracker and our latest version of Charting you can dramatically improve the way you chart a patient. Not only does our fully integrated Suite of products allow you chart a patient quicker, it's actually much more accurate than any stand-alone charting system. Since as we like to say: "A pictures is worth a thousand words!"