Restorative and Perio Charting

Provides structure and efficiency to charting activities and enhanced office communication. The result is consistent charting, accurate and instant billing and ideal user and patient workflow. Multiple Layout Views allows each user to define their own workspace to  provide all pertinent information within one clinical application.

Restorative Charting

Tracker's Charting offers full-colour restorative charting for standard conditions including decay, defects, restorations, implants, and impacted or missing teeth. Charting also allows you to easily chart such conditions as gingival decay, apicoectomy, decay on crowns, posts & pins, inlays, onlays, and veneers. You can choose how your information is displayed with customizable transaction/images/notes viewing panes that can be displayed in multiple formats. Pre-existing conditions and patient history can also be easily viewed at any time.

Charting Restorative
Charting Restorative Screen

Periodontal Charting

Periodontal Charting allows the electronic charting of pocket depths, recession, mucogingival junction, mobility, furcation, bleeding, and suppuration in full colour graphics. You can view the facial and lingual side of both arches simultaneously or focus in on a particular arch. Charting supports a proven voice activation/voice dictation technology and popular probing systems that allow hygienists to work smarter by using voice dictation to enter ALL their commands – including pocket depths. For extremely effective patient education, you can view a complete patient history including an attachment comparison over four different date ranges in full colour graphics, as well as displaying tri-coloured pocket depth warnings which allow you and the patient to easily see problem areas. A full periodontal statistics report can be printed in graphical and/or numeric format.

Click here for an unsolicited demonstration from one of our clients using Tracker's Perio Voice Activation.

Charting Periodontal
Charting Periodontal Screen