Get the Most Out of Training

In order to optimize the productivity and usage of Tracker and its ChairSide applications, The Bridge Network offers professional training. A session can be anywhere from two‐to-four hours and involves a review of applications being used and how they can help productivity. As well, the trainer will go over new features and suggest ways to improve flow and better usage of Tracker tools. Training sessions are tailored to your office's specific needs.

Database Analysis:

In order to take full advantage of your training session, The Bridge Network conducts a Database Analysis. This service is provided by The Bridge Network for a flat fee of $100. Technical Support connects to your office via high‐speed Internet and downloads your Tracker information. When the download is completed, a certified trainer will review the information to see how well the program is being utilized and a copy of the report will be provided to you. This not only saves time during the training session, but it allows the trainer to concentrate on the areas needing more attention.

Training Programs:

  • Onsite Training
A certified Tracker trainer comes to your office to train staff.

  • Online Training:
Since most offices have Internet access, The Bridge Network offers online training. A certified Tracker trainer connects to your office and performs the training through high‐speed Internet. Online training has been very successful and is the preferred means of training for remote offices.

For more information on our Training Programs and trainers, please contact us at 1‐800‐922‐7434, extension 1.