Don't Put Your Data at Risk. Guard Your Information with BackTrack

Is your office backing up files on a regular basis? Do you have a “Plan B” if your backup fails? The Bridge Network offers BackTrack — an online backup available to clients for free up to 1GB of data. Even with a backup system currently in place your office can still use BackTrack for the best one‐two punch so even if things go awry with your current system, there is always another copy of your data that’s easily accessible from any computer with Internet access.

With today’s hi‐tech work environments, it’s been proven time‐and‐time again that businesses need to invest in a reliable backup system that is easy to configure and provides peace of mind. At any time, especially when it’s least expected, a business can experience hard drive failure or data corruption on some level. Viruses, and other undesirable visitors originating from the Internet, are a major concern for even the best well‐defended corporate network. Your business must be prepared for the worst‐case scenarios, like a fire or theft. It’s important to have a plan in place.

Since its launch, a large number of offices have taken advantage of BackTrack for securing their data. With an easy one‐time setup that takes only minutes and open file backup, you can have the system running on your computer with no maintenance and no need to worry about closing Tracker. You can be confident BackTrack is getting the job done.

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