Is it Time to Update Your System?

Windows XP SP2 No Longer Supported

In our last newsletter we talked about the compatibility of Tracker 10.42 with Windows 7, Microsoft’s newest operating system. With the addition of this new system to Microsoft’s arsenal, Microsoft will be ending support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 as of July 13th of this year. To receive any system updates you must upgrade to Service Pack 3. With new versions of Tracker and its ChairSide components, we’re using the latest technology available. On that note, when the next version of Tracker becomes available, you will need to be running at least Microsoft Windows XP SP3 to ensure Tracker will be compatible.

It’s also a good idea that all offices make sure their hardware meets our current system requirements before doing any updates to their system in order to minimize office down time. A copy of these requirements can be obtained by visiting out website at and looking under the Client Support tab.

Additionally, all offices are entitled to free hardware reviews, meaning, if at any time you are thinking about upgrading your system hardware, just give us a call and send us the specs and we will be more than happy to confirm that everything you are purchasing will be compatible with Tracker now and in the future.