Fee Guide Updates

January 1st marked the beginning of a new year and a new set of fee guides. With the general fee guides there were several supplementary fee guides released, too. Aside from the standard provincial GP and Denturist fee guides, the following are available to download through Tracker:

1. Alberta Blue Cross Denturist Fee Guide
2. Alberta Blue Cross Fee Guide (General, U&C , Endo)

1. Sask. Specialist Fee Guide
2. Sask. Supplementary Denturist Fee Guide

British Columbia
1. British Columbia Specialist Fee Guide
2. British Columbia Periodontist Fee Guide
3. British Columbia Pediatric Fee Guide

1. **Ontario Hygienists Fee Guide

Nova Scotia
1. Nova Scotia Specialist Fee Guide

1. Nfld. Specialist Fee Guide

1. Manitoba Pediatric Fee Guide
2. Manitoba Endodontic Fee Guide
3. Manitoba Periodontal Fee Guide
4. Manitoba Oral & Maxi Surgeons Fee Guide

**Please contact Technical Support for installation and use of the Ontario Hygienists Fee Guide 
Fee code revisions have also been made to the 2010 PBC, 2010 BC GP and 2010 ON Denturist Fee Guides. If you have not made these revisions as of yet, please download a new copy of the fee guide or visit our website for a list of changes. To receive instant notifications of when fee guides are available for download, as well as information on important updates, please call us to confirm we have your email on file. 

If your office has not received the update to any applicable fee guides for your province, please contact Technical Support @ 1-800-922-7434, ext 2, or if you have Internet access you can use our Fee Guide Download Utility.