Using VPN with Tracker ChairSide Suite

Expansion dental offices are something that’s becoming more common in today’s practices. While most offices are going digital and using a lot more technology available to them for charting and digital radiography,  practice owners aren’t just looking for the best software available to them, but for leading technology to use at their off-site locations.

Electronic Tracker SafeGuard Charts

Charts you can E-Mail to your Patients

A couple of years ago we introduced to you a method of better servicing patient needs through the use of Patient Charts similar to the data entry process in Tracker. The Bridge Network and Safeguard Business Systems created Tracker compatible Safeguard Charts to ensure that the most commonly used Chart in the industry matches your system, making it easier for entering patient information. Now with most of our offices on high speed internet we felt the need to remind offices that this option is available. For a small fee the Safeguard charts can be emailed to your patients as a PDF file. If your office currently uses these charts you know the value of the information that can be gathered from them, but you also know that patients waste time filling them out on their visit. Sending the patient these forms before hand eliminates that wasted time. Once the email is received, patients can print it out and fill out the proper information to bring with them to the office, getting them in sooner and giving you more time to consult with your patient.

For more information on getting the Safeguard charts and for samples, you can contact John Sullivan at (416) 503-3667.

Setting up

As an alternative to PCAnywhere, a free program has emerged for offices that have high speed internet but currently do not have a method of allowing remote access for Tracker Technical Support.

Great News For Compact Flash Camera Users

Compact Flash Camera owners can now use the Eye-fi capability in CSI with the SD to CF Type II Adapter (SD-CF II).

For the latest ChairSide Imaging Requirements click here.

Wireless Digital Image Acquisition!

Recently, The Bridge Network added integration with the Wi-Fi wireless memory card to enable wireless, instant transfer of images from your digital camera. When we demonstrated this at recent shows people were very excited about it. We are happy to announce that many offices are now using this functionality and loving it. In addition, we were showing off some very affordable imaging solutions for people looking to get started with low costs and a quick learning curve and these solutions have also proven to be very popular. If you are interested in taking your digital images more efficiently contact support for more details!

Premium TBN Coaching Services

TBN announces our Premium TBN Coaching Services at the ODA show for clients who can appreciate the benefits of what our team can offer. Please click here for some information on this new service that we are looking at providing our clients.

Thanks for Making our Vancouver Hospitality Suite a Success!

The Bridge Network would like to thank all our loyal clients who attended our recent Hospitality Suite in Vancouver at the Four Seasons Hotel. The attendance and response we received from our Hospitality Suite, presentation and the personal one-on-one meetings/training sessions was a huge success! As a result, we plan to hold more of these functions in the future!

The Bridge Network Invites You to Our Group Training Session in Toronto on April 10 and 11

This training session is recommended for experienced Tracker users who have a strong understanding of the program.

New Tradeshow and Tech Articles for Working Smart

Tradeshow and Technology Articles

It's tradeshow season, and we have some interesting articles on the recent trade shows:

The Bridge Network Hospitality Suite - Nov. 9, 2007

InterContinental Toronto Centre
Niagara Room (off the Lower Lobby)
Toronto - Friday, November 9th, 2007 – 10:30am to 5:30pm.


 The success from previous hospitality suites has encouraged us to continue with it so we can spend more time with you in a comfortable setting rather than at a traditional trade show booth. The hospitality suite creates a better backdrop for trainers, technical support reps and company owners to not only answer your questions, but to let you know The Bridge Network’s future plans.

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