British Columbia Fee Guide Corrections.

The British Columbia Dental Association and Pacific Blue Cross have published corrections to their 2010 fee guides. This article assists you with making these corrections in Tracker.

Family Day

As of February 2008 the province of Ontario has introduced a new holiday. Family Day will fall on Monday February 15, 2010.

The Bridge Network's technical support will be open with limited staff and we will do our best to return your phone calls.

For more information and for a list of holidays, please visit the Canadian Heritage website.

Holiday Gifts

In recent years, The Bridge Network has chosen to support two charities in lieu of sending out holiday cards in December.

Remote Access for Your Office

Our technical support staff prides themselves on being able to provide the best
and most thorough support for our customers. However, there are times when
we need to connect remotely to an office so we can fix a problem.

Don't Put Your Data at Risk. Guard Your Information with BackTrack

Is your office backing up files on a regular basis? Do you have a “Plan B” if your backup fails?

Get the Most Out of Training

In order to optimize the productivity and usage of Tracker and its ChairSide applications, The Bridge Network offers professional training.

eForms: Online New Patient Registration Form


We recently announced our launch of our new online service eTrack with our primary service, eForms: Online New Patient Registration Form. You’re invited to have a look at our new video we have now posted online with a demonstration of how this new service works.

Further Patient Education with Optio Lite

How many times have you recommended a procedure, or series of procedures, to a patient only to see the look of fear on their face?

Donate Your Old Hardware

With the holidays approaching, instead of throwing away those old machines, consider donating them to schools and/or charities so they can be used by those in need.

Tracker and Windows 7

The Bridge Network was a part of Microsoft’s beta testing for Windows 7 and has had the opportunity to work with this Operating System for some time now.

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