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2010 Spring Newsletter is now Online

Our Spring 2010 Newsletter is now available online. You can read about what’s happening at TBN and discover the new and innovative things we have been working on. So, take a peek inside and see what’s happening.

Save the Date

The Bridge Network is going to be in Vancouver the week of The Pacific Dental Conference. You’ll find us at P2B Bistro & Bar - 1133 West Hastings Street - from 6pm until 9pm on Wednesday, April 14th.

Get the Most Out of Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching and since this tends to be a slower time for offices, why not use the opportunity to have a trainer come in for a refresher?

Is it Time to Update Your System?

In our last newsletter we talked about the compatibility of Tracker 10.42 with Windows 7, Microsoft’s newest operating system. With the addition of this new system to Microsoft’s arsenal, Microsoft will be ending support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 as of July 13th of this year.

Fee Guide Updates

January 1st marked the beginning of a new year and a new set of fee guides. With the general fee guides there were several supplementary fee guides released, too. Aside from the standard provincial GP and Denturist fee guides, the following are available to download through Tracker:

Communicating Through Email

With different methods of communication available, offices should be obtaining email addresses from their patients since 9 times out of 10 this is the preferred method of contact. For offices using Tracker 10.42, you have the ability to email bulk statements directly to your patients using the Receivables Manager in conjunction with T-Word. For those who don’t have email, a statement will print as normal so that one can be mailed. If you have patients who would prefer not to receive statements in this manner it is very easy to have them opt out.

With the use of T-Word and Microsoft Outlook, all patient correspondence can be sent instantly via email. Anything ranging from upcoming appointments, to just a friendly checkup reminder can be emailed directly to all (or some) of your patients with just a few clicks of your mouse.

With limitless information at your fingertips and the drive to go paperless, the effective use of email in your daily operations is an essential tool. Call The Bridge Network today and don’t get left behind.

Fighting Viruses in the Workplace

With Internet readily available to offices it’s important to keep your computers safe from outside threats. While viruses are not a common occurrence, precautions need to be taken. There are a lot of antivirus software to choose from and if not configured properly, antivirus software can cause unwanted effects in your office like slowing your computer down or losing the ability to run your program. So, if you are considering the installation of antivirus software, please contact your hardware vendor for setup and view our System Requirements for help.

Quikcard and Groupsource on EDI

Quikcard and Groupsource are now processing electronic dental claims. Read more to find out how to setup these carriers in Tracker.

2010 Ontario Denturist Fee Guide Corrections.

The Denturist Association of Ontario has published corrections to their 2010 fee guide. Read more on how to be updated.

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