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Changes to ODA Membership and ITRANS

The upcoming changes to ODA membership effective January 1 2011 will make it easier to take advantage of ITRANS electronic claims over the Internet. You can get started with the process now.

Kodak adds integration to their Pan and Ceph units.

Clients interested in integrating Kodak extraoral imaging devices with ChairSide Imaging software can now do so.

New Firmware Update for Cleankeys Wireless Keyboards

A new firmware update V.148 has been released on September 22, 2010. This is an important firmware update that improves the user experience.

HP Protect Tools

As computers become inexpensive, offices across Canada are taking the opportunity to upgrade their existing systems. Although our latest version of Tracker is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows, there are third party applications that can sometimes get in the way.

In addition to anti-virus software, we have come across a few offices that have purchased pre-loaded computers with a tool that is incompatible with our application. HP Protect Tool is an agent that adds and manages security and is found on some desktop and laptop computers most likely HP branded.

If your office has purchased a computer pre-loaded with HP Protect Tool, this application will need to be completely uninstalled as it interferes with our practice management system. Please note that turning OFF the application temporarily or trying to configure it will not resolve the issues.

If you have any questions about this, please read our System Requirements or contact our support department.

New Carrier on EDI - Group Medical Services

Group Medical Services now accepts EDI.

Logicon Caries Detection with ChairSide Imaging - An Industry First!

The Logicon Caries Detection system used exclusively with Kodak RVG IntraOral sensors is now available within ChairSide Imaging.

Adding HST to Tracker

As of July 1, 2010 the new HST becomes in effect in the province of Ontario. Please see these instructions on how to add HST to Tracker.

2010 Ontario Dentist Fee Guide Correction


We have received confirmation from the ODA that procedure code 21223 on the 2010 Ontario Dentist Fee Guide should be $151.36.

You can update this fee individually. Instructions for updating fees can be found in Tracker by clicking on Help | Frequently Asked Questions, and then clicking on the 'Managing Fee Guides' FAQ (which is found under 'Tools, Utilities and Configuration'.

2010 MCFCS Fee Guide

According to Accerta there will be no changes to the MCFCS (MCSS) Fee Guide for 2010. The latest MCFCS (MCSS) Fee Guide will continue to be the 2009.

If you office has not received the 2009 MCFCS Fee Guide, please contact Technical Support @ 1-800-922-7434, ext 2, or if you have Internet access you can use our Fee Guide Download Utility.

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