Remote Access for Your Office

Our technical support staff prides itself on being able to provide the best and most thorough support for our customers. However, there are times when we need to connect remotely to an office so we can fix a problem. These problems range from minor payment issues to serious database problems. If there are issues with remote connections, this will hinder our ability to get you up‐and‐running as quickly as possible. A lot of times this occurs after some hardware changes have been made in the office.

Previously, without the use of Internet, offices were required to purchase software to communicate using a modem for remote connection purposes. But with highspeed Internet, there are many secure and FREE alternatives that can be setup and
forgotten about until needed.

So the next time your hardware technician is doing work in your office, have them make sure that your remote connection is working and readily available. If there are any connection issues or errors, make sure your tech is aware of this and rectifies it. When finished, they can call Technical Support to test it out so next time there is an emergency we can get you up‐and‐running as soon as possible.