New Firmware Update for Cleankeys Wireless Keyboards

Firmware Update Release V.148
September 22, 2010

A firmware upgrade for the Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard is now available. This is an important firmware update that improves the user experience.

Added features include:

• Touch/Tap is fully functioning, and ON by default.
• Sensitivity is now adjustable in both Touch and Tap modes.
• Space bar response improvement

This release includes all improvements found in previous firmware releases, the most important of which are:

• Touchpad scrolling, which uses your finger to scroll in the same manner as the wheel on a mechanical mouse; just press the "fn" key, and slide your finger up or down the touchpad;
• Touchpad acceleration, which lengthens the movement of the cursor with the speed of your finger on the touchpad;
• Improved sensitivity adjustment to suit the wide range of users.

This update may be accessed through the following link:  or by going to, clicking the ‘Support' link followed by ‘Firmware Downloads'.

Cleankeys technical support is available at to answer any questions.