2010 Ontario Denturist Fee Guide Corrections.

The Denturist Association of Ontario has published corrections to their 2010 fee guide. The changes are listed below.

There are 2 options for updating your fee guides in Tracker

Option 1: Downloading and installing the corrected fee guides.
This option is best for offices who have not made any changes to the orginal fee guide. By downloading and installing the corrected fee guide, you will be replacing all the fees, not just the corrected fees. If you have made any changes to your 2010 Denturist fee guides you should consider Option 2. If you would like to use Option 1, click here for instructions on downloading and installing the corrected fee guides.

Option 2: Manually Updating Fees
 If you have made changes to the fee guides and do not wish to lose those changes, you can update the fees individually. Instructions for updating fees can be found in Tracker by clicking on Help | Frequently Asked Questions, and then clicking on the 'Managing Fee Guides' FAQ (which is found under 'Tools, Utilities and Configuration'.

List of Fee Guide Corrections

31310 $506.00
31320 $628.00
31330 $1013.00
31610 $547.00
31620 $673.00
31630 $1098.00
41914 $384.00
41924 $404.00
41934 $708.00
71040 $143.00
71050 $143.00
74085 $369.00
74090 $369.00
74091 $369.00