Make smart, educated decisions.

Make smart, educated decisions.

When it comes to going digital in your office, separate the ‘smoke & mirrors’ from reality!

Spending a short time on our Website will provide you many truths and myths about ‘going digital’ and give you some important, unconventional insight that you won’t see anywhere else. We simply want you to become better educated; a few minutes on our site can possibly prevent many years of frustration and wasted money!

There is a lot of misinformation out in the dental marketplace so don’t trust important decisions to just anybody. Don’t take information at face value. Question it. Let’s face it, just because a Sales Rep visits your office every week does not mean they truly understand what they are selling you – or what they are telling you is accurate. Often, they are just memorizing a script of what to tell you from ‘head office’ – especially when it comes to digital technology.  Moreover, have you noticed that most Sales Reps are often selling you into buying one specific product without offering true comparison shopping?  We on the other hand wholeheartedly promote comparing products because we are THAT confident in the solutions we provide and recommend!

As outlined in the wildly-popular PowerPoint presentation called ‘The SubPrime Primer... At the Mortgage Brokers”, it’s believed that the recent crisis in the financial world was due to people blindly trusting what they were being sold. That short-sightedness has created financial ruin. Don’t let your lack of knowledge about digital offices force you into a decision that could lead to dire consequences down the road!

TBN has been designing, marketing, and implementing digital solutions in the dental marketplace since 1992. We are ‘in the trenches’ and are continually coming up with many industry firsts. We are true specialist since we do ONE thing - and we do it very well!

If you are currently running our software in your office, you’ve made the right decision in choosing and trusting TBN for Tracker, so why not trust us for your clinical applications?  When it comes to going digital in your office, you can choose proven peace-of-mind or a blind leap-of-faith as the presentation points out...  Work Smart, Enjoy Life.

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