No email? No problem! Send Postcards electronically through Safeguard

There are a number of benefits to emailing correspondence to patients but a concern expressed by some was that not all patients have email or are regular email users.  With Safeguard’s automatic  postcard web service, offices can reap from the benefits of sending correspondence to a number of selected patients almost instantly.  There are no more excuses for not working smart! After all, why waste time and money on hours worth of phone calls and leaving messages when an email or postcard can be sent in seconds?  

For a while now we’ve been urging offices to use the technology they already have to help save time on some of the more monotonous tasks in the office. We’ve already discussed in previous articles how through the use of T-Word, you can quickly and easily generate correspondence for patient reminders, appointment notifications and birthdays; and with more patients using email these notifications are sent instantly.

The problem really lies with the patients who either don’t check their email regularly or don’t have one at all. Through T-Word these letters can be printed, however doing this still requires having a staff member label and stamp envelopes to send them out, time that is much better spent dealing with patients. Although a lot of time is saved, we wanted to have the process become more efficient, we never settle for just ‘good enough’ and neither should you. With that in mind we’ve managed to take it one step further and teamed up with Safeguard to create an easy way to have postcards sent to your list of patients so you don’t have to worry about anything else.  The postcards are created, stamped and sent using the information you provide and Safeguard’s Web-to-Print application so your staff can be doing what matters most and taking care of your patients and you will still get that personal touch in the letters that you send. Never again will you have to worry about the hassles involved with sending mass mail outs.

Saving the list of patients you are trying to send to is done in one easy step through T-Word. From there you just need to go to the Safeguard website, choose your postcard type and the way you want your message displayed. After you hit submit you’re done. No printing labels. No stuffing envelopes. No licking stamps. No wasted time. Everything is sent automatically through Safeguard and you’ve just finished hours of work in a matter of minutes. If you don’t see the postcard you are looking for in the current selection, feel free to contact John Sullivan from Safeguard for the possibility of creating one.

Whether it be a summer BBQ, birthday, upcoming appointment or just saying hello, the combination of emails sent by the office and postcards mailed through Safeguard means that the task of sending correspondence to patients is becoming easier and quicker. T-Word was always a source for streamlining all of your office mailings and correspondence and one of the most important tools a practice could have.  The different mail merge options opens the door to more than just recall reminders.   Consider sending a reminder post card or email to ALL patients with outstanding or recommended treatment.  Why not send a post card or email to all your patients on your Dormant List or Dormant Recall List?  Your options to further increasing the productivity in your office are endless.  If you already have the technology, why aren’t you using it?

For more information on using this service as well as more information on how T-Word can be utilized within you office contact us today.