Cleankeys Wireless Keyboard Firmware Update V.152

NOTE: Keyboards starting with serial number CKCE004909 and higher, already have been updated with this firmware version. There is no need to perform this update if you have one of these keyboards.

Cleankeys is announcing a new firmware update for the wireless version of our Cleankeys keyboard. The new update addresses an issue with the Tap function.

Corrected issue:

When Tap is turned on, there MAY be an issue on some systems where the wrong key is typed, even when the proper key is pressed. The keys most affected were the letters "K" and "M", and the numbers "6" and "9" on the numeric keypad. This update addresses and corrects this problem.

To perform the firmware update, go to the following location and download the Firmware Update Utility and follow the instructions.

Please note the following:

  1. Firmware updates must be performed with the keyboard plugged into the computer. (Update will not work in wireless mode).
  2. Multiple keyboards can be updated on the same computer, but not at the same time.
  3. Once the keyboard is fully identified by Windows, THEN launch the utility.
  4. Follow the steps as they are presented to you by the utility.

Cleankeys technical support is available at to answer any questions.