Setting up

As an alternative to PCAnywhere, a free program has emerged for offices that have high speed internet but currently do not have a method of allowing remote access for Tracker Technical Support. Through the use of, once the office signs up at the website with a valid email address and password, remote connection can be established and multiple computers can be added to the account so that they may be accessed when necessary.

  • Go to and choose the Download LogMeIn Free button.
  • At the next page, enter the email address and password that you will be using with the account.
  • The next screen will start the download of the LogMeIn software. During this time you may be prompted with a Security warning. Ensure that the information in the warning is similar to the screen pictured below.
  • After you grant access to the security warning, the download of the program will continue and an installation window will appear.
  • Click next and agree to the Terms and Conditions displayed on the setup as well as proceed with the Typical installation of the software.
  • You will be prompted for a computer description which will automatically determine you computer name and fill in that information. If you wish to have this computer named something else in the list of connectable computers, change it here.
  • Click next to the default destination folder to finish the installation.
    Note: During the installation your screen may flicker or go black for a couple of seconds, this is normal and a part of the installation process.
  • After the installation process has been completed, you will see a list of computers that are associated with this account, including the one recently added.
  • Once you get to this screen, your LogMeIn account is fully active and ready to use, however by default you are using the Pro version of LogMeIn in Trial mode. To switch this to the free version, click on the edit button under settings, and go to the subscription tab.
  • Change the available subscription type to “Log Me In Free” to ensure you are using the free account. Once selected click the “Update Subscription” button. After about 10 minutes you will notice that the product type on your computer list will say “Free” instead of Pro(Trial).
  • Your LogMeIn account is now ready for use.

You can add additional computers to your list by logging into your LogMeIn account and choosing Add Computer from the computer list. You will just need to assign it a computer name.