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Dental Office Casualty of Plaza Fire

Our online BackTrack service helped this client rapidly recover their data on the same morning that a fire destroyed their office. Video courtesy of the Windsor Star.

Topic Source Client Name

Covered the most important items. Post-Training Survey Enhance Dental centre
Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Post-Training Survey Just Smiles Dental
Concise, clear and extremely helpful Post-Training Survey Chris
Keep me on the list for future webinars about Tracker. Email to The Bridge Network Sheri Quarin
Very professional, polite and fun. Email to The Bridge Network Advantage Dental
We are enjoying the new version. Email to The Bridge Network Dr. Flavia Mortelliti
We are thoroughly enjoying tracker 11! Email to The Bridge Network Dentistry on Nelson
Showed us unique features of Tracker and how to maximize it. Post-Training Survey South Georgetown Dental Care
Very clear and informative. Post-Training Survey Markham Village Dental
Very professional and knowledgeable. Post-Training Survey Dr. Shelley Patton
Excellent and lots of good info. Email to The Bridge Network Pure Dental
Very knowledgeable! Post-Training Survey Max Dental @ Yaletown
Excellent knowledge and suggestions Post-Training Survey Dr. Peter Kiss
I learned a lot and so did everyone else. Post-Training Survey Fredericton Dental Centre
Exceeded expectations. Post-Training Survey Dr. Kevin Barnes
Very pleasant, professional and a good listener. Post-Training Survey Dr. Kenneth Montague
Lots of extra tips for short cuts and info on features. Post-Training Survey Atwell Dental
“Joanne knows her Tracker!”. Post-Training Survey Dr. Christian Len
The trainer facilitated the greatest learning possible. Post-Training Survey Dr. Sean Robertson
On target and directed staff in the proper direction. Post-Training Survey Dr. Jordan Wall
Thank you for all your work and effort. Email to The Bridge Network Louisa
The training was great. Post-Training Survey Dr. Estrabillo
Answered all my questions clearly and efficiently. Email to The Bridge Network Zev Smith
Amazing changes. Post-Training Survey Dr. Neena D'Souza
Covered everything right away. Post-Training Survey Jenn
Concise and to the point. Post-Training Survey Dr.Patrick Mao
Tips that increase efficiency. Post-Training Survey Karen Leung
Working More Efficiently. Post-Training Survey Barbara Ann
Easy to listen to, and follow and very clear in his directions. Post-Training Survey Dr. Burke
I could work the nest day and take radiographs! Post-Training Survey Dr. Brabant
Easier Transition with Training Session Post-Training Survey Margaret
Trainer was very helpful and very professional Post-Training Survey Paula Bardgett
A pleasure to work with! Email to The Bridge Network Kawartha Dental Clinic
Film doesn't compare to digital radiography Email to The Bridge Network Dr. Gordon Fogel
Very happy with Tracker software Email to The Bridge Network Atwell Dental Centre
Tracker 11 has to be one of the best investments I made for my practice Email to The Bridge Network Dr. Daniel Sun
My experience with the Bridge Network has been a huge success Email to The Bridge Network Dr. Jordan Wall
Tracker has been such an improvement Email to The Bridge Network Pickering Village Dental
We are very happy with the transition from Autopia to Tracker Email to The Bridge Network Hawthorne Village Dental
The Session Was Very Informative Post-Training Survey Winnipeg Square Centre Dental
Awesome Job Email to The Bridge Network Dr. Ramez Mahdavi
Loving Tracker 11 Email to The Bridge Network Gary Wessels
Knowledgeable, Understanding and Patient Email to The Bridge Network Melissa (Dr. Ararat)
Amazing Service Email to The Bridge Network Asha Dental Centre
Great Product. Reliable Support Email to The Bridge Network Dr. Jeffery Schau
Excellent training session Online Survey Dr. Christina Oprescu-Havriliuc
Excellent Seminar Online Survey Dr. Beata Rzepka
Tracker 11 has indeed surpassed my expectations. Email to The Bridge Network Dr. Herman Thang
I would refer The Bridge Network without hesitation Email to The Bridge Network Ms. Toni Lombardo
Extremely knowledgeable, professional and supported ideas Post-Training Questionnaire Dr. Bill Terzis
Extremely Happy with Tracker & The Bridge Network Email to The Bridge Network Dr. Derek Maheux
It is "my kind of company" From a Post-Purchase Survey Dr. Natalie Kos
Money, Time and Efficienty Savings Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Sandra Chong
The Technical Support team is excellent Conversation with Kim at Dr. Stredinyn's office Kim at Dr. Stredinyn's Office
Your knowledge and expertise is a real gift to our office Email To The Bridge Network Calgary Fine Dentistry
Fast paced and very informative Post-Training Questionnaire Dr. James Reid
Imaging and Eye-Fi Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Geoffrey Newton
Very knowledgeable and Excellent Trainer Post-Training Questionnaire Bridge Street Dental
Informative and Taught us Some New Skills Post-Training Questionnaire Dr. R. Penning
Tracker is a leader in the Dental Software IT Consultant Suresh Singh
Excellent Trainer! Post Training Questionnaire Dr. Kindree
Valuable training for an advanced Tracker office Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Jeffery Schau
Awesome Job Email To The Bridge Network Calgary Fine Dentistry
Awesome Job Post training seminar questionnaire Dr. Jennifer Maguire
Value Added Services - Hardware Review Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Jerry Baluta
Trust is built over time, and their professionalism has to be admired Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Vincent King
Very courteous & helpful customer service. Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Phu-My Nguyen
Automatic email reminders/newsletter Email To The Bridge Network Peggy at Dr. Hockley
Thanks for Great Technical Support! Thank-you email to Support Carol at Dr. A. Pirani
Installation was quick and painless Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Phil Hewson
I appreciate the Trainer's help Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Bonnie Chandler
Tracker Testimonial Fax To The Bridge Network Lorie Thacker from Dr. Carmen Cartier
I really love your system Email To The Bridge Network Kirsten from SouthPoint Dental Centre
The entire experience has been very positive Post Training Questionnaire Mr. Harry Kastner
We are never going to lose patients Tracker Survey Dr. DeMarco
Tracker Testimonial ROI Corporation Timothy A. Brown
Recent Crisis at Dr. Kenny Chan's office E-mail to The Bridge Network Dr. Shirley Cheong
It's About the People Phone Call Mrs. Cheryl Romeril
Tracker brought in over $10,000 of extra business Mentioned at a hospitality suite Kim Paget
Survey from an previous Exan office Survey Response Staff at Dr. Sheena Sood
Exceptional Technical Support Email To The Bridge Network Dr. Andrew Sarkany
I recommend Tracker to anyone Fax to the Bridge Network Dr. Michael J. Landau
Dealing with The Bridge Network Email to Ont-Dent Dr. Keven Hockley
Tracker Features and Technical Support Email to Ont-Dent Dr. Eli Shem-Tov
Why I Chose Tracker Letter To Oral Health Dr. Jerry Baluta
Hardware and Support Email To The Bridge Network Paul Chiarot
Recognition For A Job Well Done Letter To The Bridge Network Dr. Steven Hatfield
"Top Notch" Support Response from email survey Dianne Humphrey at Mayflower Dental
99% Satisfaction Rate! Response from email survey Dr. Keith Climenhaga
I Always Recommend Tracker! Response from email survey Deanne at Dr. Don Milton


Covered the most important items.

The trainer [Joanie] was able to cover the most important items and the admin were satisfied with the outcome of training.

Dr. Vahid Pazhoh
Enhance Dental centre
September 29, 2017

Professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Joanie was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. [Joanie] showed us the ins and outs of the x-rays.

Lynn Tamse
Just Smiles Dental
September 27, 2017

Concise, clear and extremely helpful.

Kelly was concise, clear and extremely helpful. Both receptionists felt they learned a great deal.

Dr. Gabor Balogh Inc.
July 14, 2017

Keep me on the list for future webinars about Tracker.

That's great! You were very informative and went at a pace that was comfortable. Please keep me on the list for future webinars about Tracker. Thanks again.

Sheri Quarin
Office Manager
Dr. Luc Magne Pediatric Dentistry
Apr. 11, 2017

Very professional, polite and fun.


The training we had last Thursday with Joanne was great, everyone enjoyed it and thought it was very thorough, fun and didn't make the staff and I feel like we don't know anything "not like previous training sessions!!" Joanne was very professional, polite and fun We highly appreciate if Joanne will be doing any future training.

Samer Mudher
Advantage Dental
October 27, 2016

We are enjoying the new version.

We are enjoying the new version. We are still getting used to the changes and remembering where to find everything, but overall impressed with the changes.

Dr. Flavia Mortelliti
September 22, 2016

We are thoroughly enjoying tracker 11!

We just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that we are thoroughly enjoying tracker 11! We are doing lots of exploring today and are managing just fine processing patients and preforming our daily tasks, which means you did a fabulous job!

Thank you

Laurie & Joy
Dentistry on Nelson
July 29, 2016

Showed us unique features of Tracker and how to maximize it.

I have used the program for over 6 months without proper training and Jerome was able to clarify and answer all our questions and was able to show us the unique features of Tracker and how to maximize it as well.

I feel that Jerome is passionate and very knowledgeable in what he does. He is confident in the product that he is presenting. Session was not boring at all and he brought humor as well. Lucky to have him on your team.

Myla (Office Manager)
South Georgetown Dental Care
July 5, 2016

Very clear and informative.

Jerome is amazing, very clear and informative. He has a great sense of humor and makes training fun!!

Markham Village Dental
May 30, 2016

Very professional and knowledgeable.

“Trainer [Karene Bonner] was amazing. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

Dr. Shelley Pattonl
May 11, 2016

Excellent and lots of good info.

“our training with Joanne last week, it was excellent and we sure got lots of good info.”

Pure Dental
Apr. 28, 2016

Very knowledgeable!

Michael answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable!

Max Dental @ Yaletown
Apr. 21, 2016

Excellent knowledge and suggestions.

Joanne was excellent with her knowledge of the program and suggestions on how to improve productivity

Dr. Peter Kiss
Apr. 20, 2016

I learned a lot and so did everyone else.

Jerome was excellent he is very patient and answers all our questions with very informative answers. He took the time to show us things individually. Overall everything was great. Some new features have been added (with some of the updates) since our last training so he showed how to use them.

The staff asked lots of questions and were very attentive, I learned a lot and so did everyone else. Thanks for sending such a knowledgeable trainer.

Mary Donovan
Fredericton Dental Centre
Apr. 12, 2016

Exceeded Expectations

The 4 staff in attendance felt it [the training] exceeded their expectations. They enjoyed the content and delivery. They were surprised at what all they could do. :-)

Feb. 2, 2016

Very pleasant, professional and a good listener.

Karene was very pleasant, professional and a good listener. My administrative staff spent the morning learning with her, and I came in with the clinical staff for a one hour "update" in the afternoon, followed by an afternoon of patients. In hindsight, I should have booked longer training time for the clinical staff as our afternoon was.. well.. frustrating (only because our knowledge/learning curve was so steep).

Dr. Kenneth Montague
Aug. 13, 2015

Lots of extra tips for short cuts and info on features we were not using.

The trainer [Joanie] was well experienced as she herself works as a receptionist, she was very helpful in showing us easier ways to navigate the systems, very pleasant, could have used more time with her as she was a great source of information!

It was valuable information, lots of extra tips for short cuts and info on features we were not using.

Darlene Miller from Atwell Dental
Aug. 8, 2015

“Joanne knows her Tracker!”

Kathy from Dr. Christian Len
June 3, 2015

The trainer facilitated the greatest learning possible.

The Bridge Network training team have done a beautiful job with us today. Thank you for all your work and effort in getting us up and running.

Dr. Sean Robertson
May 26, 2015

On target and directed staff in the proper direction.

Jerome addressed all our questions before getting into other training details. This helped the girls to understand what has been puzzling them, and then continue on with new information.

Jerome puts me at ease as a director. He is on target, and directs the girls in the proper direction... we have a vision for the practice that at times that staff do not understand... Jerome helps drive home the vision!

Karen Wall
May 19, 2015

Thank you for all your work and effort.

The Bridge Network training team have done a beautiful job with us today. Thank you for all your work and effort in getting us up and running.

April 08, 2015

The training was great.

It [training] was great. There so much more things I wanted to do in the practice and much to my surprise, tracker is already capable of doing it.

Dr Estrabillo
March 30, 2015

Answered all my questions clearly and efficiently.

I just finished with Jerome and he was absolutely fantastic. He answered all my questions clearly and efficiently and in a way that someone that does not have a strong dental background (like myself) could understand.

His insights will be invaluable in helping us monitor and grow our practice. Thank you for recommending him for this training.

All the best,

Amazing changes.

We like it very much and are finding it very much suited to our needs. Amazing changes. Tracker 10 seems like a dinosaur in comparison.
Hats off to the software developers and the clinical coordinators

Dr. Neena D'Souza
November 13, 2014

Covered everything right away.

Mark was very thorough, he answered all the questions I had. Which were minimal anyway b/c he covered everything right away.

Evergreen Dental
November 4, 2014

Concise and to the point.

Concise and to the point. Not overwhelming amount of information at once. Treldon was fantastic. Very patient.

Dr.Patrick Mao
Fort Garry Dental
September 4, 2014

Tips that increase efficiency.

The session was customized to an audience who was not new to Tracker with tips that increase efficiency. Jerome's passion and excitement for the product features is highly contagious. He is professional, knowledgeable and personable. The team was "in like" with him!

Karen Leung
Dundas Dental Clinic
September 2, 2014

Working More Efficiently.

Our office has not had the opportunity to have a trainer actually be with us...we have only had training via phone. This hands on experience gave us the opportunity to let Adina see how we were operating and how we could be more efficient.

Barbara Ann
RiverEdge Dental Sarnia
Aug. 19, 2014

Easy to listen to, and follow and very clear in his directions.

We had many questions and they were all answered. Also I was familiar with Tracker 10 and Cheryl had no Tracker knowledge at all. Jerome was able to teach us both at the same time while not "boring" me or confusing Cheryl.

Deborah Baker
Dr. Burke

Feb. 19, 2014

I could work the nest day and take radiographs!

He was great. Loved Treldon. Real important to have him here when we were learning from the Sinclair rep how to use the Sensors.

Dr. Brabant

Feb. 7, 2014

Easier Transition with Training Session

Overall, training session made an easier transition to the new look of Tracker 11 and I was explained why should of use some of the new options, as well as few that hasn't been use in previous version.

Woodchester Dental

Feb. 4, 2014

A plesure to work with!

Dalida was very helpful and very professional, It was nice to have someone who knows the program. She has been helpful since we put this program in place. Without her help I do not know what we would have done. She is an asset to your company.

Paula Bardgett
Bardgett Denture & Implant Solutions

November 25, 2013

A plesure to work with!

Thank you for the training day on Tracker 11. Jerome was the best. He actually works in a dental office and when he trains knows exactly all the problems that we encounter every day. I hope we see him again.
You and your staff are a pleasure to work with.

Aulda Nixon
Kawartha Dental Clinic

November 8, 2013

Film doesn't compare to digital radiography

I don't know how I was diagnosing before. Actually, I do and film DOES NOT COMPARE with digital radiography. Thanks [Bridge Network] for your ongoing help.

Dr. Gordon Fogel
Bell Mews Dental

October 7, 2013

Very happy with Tracker software

Since incorporating Tracker in our office we have been able to track and quantify vital information that would have been impossible before. It allow us to see how the practice is doing in real time a€“ absolutely everything can be measured and accounted for! You can be as in-depth as you want to. It is all there. The staff love the digital charting and treatment planning. The system is very user friendly and the Support team at The Bridge Network have made the transition easy and enjoyable!

Nancy Clayton
Atwell Dental Centre

September 18, 2013

Tracker 11 has to be one of the best investments I made for my practice

Upgrading to the latest Tracker version 11 has to be one of the best investment I made for my practice in the past 5 years. Our old computer system was outdated and there were a lot of issues with the hardware. By deciding to upgrade to Tracker v.11, it gave us the perfect opportunity to acquire brand new computers and network hardware. This has not only made the transition to version 11 a lot easier, but the staff are excited with the lightning speed at which Tracker now runs.

And this shines a spotlight on Tracker 11. The new version is so well integrated that I feel we have all the important patient information within our reach. No more clicking on different icons to get the data you need. Most of the medical and financial information is right on the home screen. The staff also likes how easy it is to switch between different tasks without having to close all other windows. Since upgrading to Tracker 11, our office as a whole has also committed to going paperless in the entire office. Tracker 11 has made this daunting task a breeze. All charting (clincial, financial and medical) are now done right in Tracker. Scanning documents from within Tracker literally involves clicking a button. How easy can that be? One of my staff said out loud, "Why didn't we go paperless earlier?" It has been that easy!

I highly recommend anyone considering a dental practice management software to take a hard look at Tracker version 11. It is seamless, it is easy, and it makes dentistry fun again. I welcome any potential customer of Tracker to contact our office to talk to any of our staff to find out for themselves how easy it is to use Tracker 11.

Dr. Danial Sun
Daniel Sun Dentistry Professional Corporation

August 14, 2013

My experience with the Bridge Network has been a huge success

My experience with the Bridge Network has been a huge success. As a new business owner my goals were to begin my business with a strong start. Dental software is what I consider one of the 'bones' of daily dental operations. Tracker 11 has been extremely reliable, and effective way of 'tracking' and managing our patients. The training and service at the Bridge Network has been extremely helpful! I am busy, stressed, and my time is valuable. The Bridge Network representatives truly understand this! When help is needed I receive it in a timely, and helpful fashion. Thank you Bridge Network for committing to always striving to be better!

Karen Wall,
Cooper Street Dental

August 14, 2013

Tracker has been such an improvement

Tracker has been such an improvement to our previous dental software. It is user friendly and you can get a report for just about anything. Support is fast and the staff are all friendly. So glad we did the switch over.

Carolyn Brooks

Office Manager,
Pickering Village Dental Office

July 4, 2013

We are very happy with the transition from Autopia to Tracker

Our office researched All Dental Management software's. We are very happy with the transition from Autopia to Tracker.

Tracker support is amazing, all their staff are professional and understanding.

Tracker reports are exactly what a Busy Dental office requires.

We are very pleased with the scheduler, charting and treatment planning. It has increased our production because all staff are more efficient.

I would recommend tracker To all Autopia users. It was a very smooth transition.

Peggy Paterson

Office Manager
Hawthorne Village Dental
Milton, Ontario

June 20, 2013

The Session Was Very Informative

"The session was very informative, touching on things we were doing and then going the next step with lots of new information and insight to the software."

Dawn, Office Manager
Winnipeg Square Dental

Awesome Job

We have been using Tracker software from The Bridge Network since 1999.Our experiences with the technical support department have been consistently positive during this time.

A recent issue with our computers, however, led to some excellent service from Jeremy in Tech Support. Our issue occurred late in the day and Jeremy worked through the night to have the situation resolved so we could work the following day without incident.

Thanks again Jeremy!

Ramez Mahdavi, DDS

April 2, 2013

Loving Tracker 11

Hi John,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying working with Tracker 11. It almost feels like the program was custom built for our office needs!

The entire interface is fast and easy to work in, key patient info is visible very easily, and the configuration of new fee guides is super easy now. I love the integration of charting and imaging...we now find it easier to keep more and more data in the computer as opposed to the chart (like watches, social notes, and med alert details). The new "look" is great, as we often use tracker to show patients their images and it's important that our software look sharp. Thanks for all the work it took to make this happen...

Gary Wessels

February 2, 2013

Knowledgeable, Understanding and Patient


I am sending this email in regards to the service I received from your employee, Ronaldo Alves. He was very knowledgeable and understanding and patient with me. Our office has 2 staff members on mat leave and the replacement staff is having difficulties. As the manager, I have had to fix errors made. Ronaldo helped me fix the problem at hand and gave me some helpful tips as well.  I wasn't familiar with all the terms he was using and he explained each one.  He has the patients of a saint.

I just wanted to make sure that an employee, such as Ronaldo, gets his due recognition and thanks.

Melissa (Dr. Ararat)

January 22, 2013

Amazing Service

Michael Dubinsky has delivered amazing service and makes me feel like I am the only concern in the moment that matters. He has gone above and beyond to assure our practice runs smoothly as we just opened on September 15, 2012. This software is new to most our team and we are new to each other. Things will be more smooth for us because he is on your team. Thanks again!

Julie Cook
Office Manager
7129 Arcola Way
Burnaby, BC
V5E 0A6
info@ashadental.com | www.ashadental.com

December 07, 2012

Great Product. Reliable Support

Tracker tech support has always been there when needed (which has not been required much due to Tracker being so great).

Dr. Jeffery Schau
August 24, 2012

Excellent Training Session

I am very pleased with the way Treldon explained and presented the module. It was well received by me and all my staff.

Dr. Christina Oprescu-Havriliuc
August 20, 2012

Exellent Seminar!

The session was very informative and easy to understand. Lots of fantastic information about the exciting changes with Tracker 11. Tracker 11 is definately much more efficient and we look forward to incorporating it into the office. In addition the through explaination of how to use Tracker 11, showed the Dr how easy it will be to also become a chartless office!

Exellent Seminar! Great initiative to start "cleaning Up" our Tracker and contacting old pending and patients on the Dormant list ..we started today! We look forward to Tracker 11...

Laura Mara from Dr. Beata Rzepka
June 14, 2012

Tracker 11 has indeed surpassed my expectations.

“Tracker 11 has indeed surpassed my expectations. Having used several other programs working as an associate, I wanted a software system that could not only be easy for the scheduling and patient management, but also integrate clinical findings into one cohesive program,” said Dr. Herman Thang, a Burlington-based Periodontist. “For my own practice, I wanted to be a paperless office, and Tracker 11 has proven to be the one program that has integrated patient management and clinical information into one seamless, easy to use package. Highly recommend the program for the truly paperless office. The technical support has been a delight to work with. Not only are they diligent about their communications, their expertise and patience in guiding my staff and I through the learning process has been enjoyable. It’s the full package.”

Dr. Herman Thang, BSc DDS MSc (Perio)
February 2012

Email to The Bridge Network

I have been working in the dental field for 20+ years. I have worked with numerous software companies and I must say, I am quite impressed and pleased so far with Tracker/Bridge. The service and patience I am receiving from your Tech guys is amazing. I am so pleased with the fact that they are really involved with assisting me with tailoring my software for my hygiene clinic.

I would refer The Bridge Network without hesitation.
Thank you,
Toni Lombardo RDH
Telephone: 416-233-1933
Website: dundasdentalhygieneclinic.com
Clean teeth, healthy gums.....beautiful smile

March 1, 2011

Post-Training Questionnaire from Dr. Bill Terzis’ office

Jerome was awesome! He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and supported his ideas with examples that made it easy for us to grasp the new info. Tracker support has always been very good, and this training session met this standard and then some.

Kathy McLeod
March 1, 2011

Email to The Bridge Network - Dr. Derek Maheux

Overall I am extremely happy with Tracker, The Bridge Network and where we are as an office now with Tracker compared to where we were.

Derek Maheux
May 14, 2010

Post-Purchase Survey from Dr. Natalie Kos

It is "my kind of company". Because I am a returning client, I knew what I was purchasing: superior product; a support system unmatched by any other product (software or hardware); a company that prides itself on knowing its clients. All software for management can be learned, but it is what you get after you purchase and continue to get after purchase that makes TBN #1.

Dr. Natalie Kos
November 2, 2009

Post-Training Questionnaire from Dr. Sandra Chong

Jerome was awesome. Thank you so much. Jerome passed on information to us that will save us more money than we spent - not to mention the time and efficiency savings. We love Tracker because it is innovative, current and constantly challenging itself, as a product and company, to improve itself. It's a privilege to align ourselves with such a company. It was a great decision to implement Tracker as our software as it grows and complements our practice as we evolve as well.

Dr. Sandra Chong
August 31, 2009

Conversation with Kim at Dr. Stredinyn's office

The Technical Support team is excellent, especially compared to other companies. They are one of the best, and I've used quite a few systems.

August 19, 2009

E-mail from Calgary Fine Dentistry

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you how much I appreciate the support you have given us over the last 3 years.  It has been exceptional and in the 20 years I have been in this industry, the service we receive from The Bridge is been the best I have ever experienced.

You should all be proud of the level of service you bring to your clients…your knowledge and expertise is a real gift to our office.


Shelly Wilson
Calgary Fine Dentistry
May 21, 2009

Post-Training Questionnaire from Dr. James Reid

Fast paced and very informative. Answered all our quetions fully and showed many easier and quicker ways of doing things. Taught things we didn't even think about.

Dr. James Reid
October 3,2008

Email from Dr. Geoffrey Newton

TRELDON was great! He spent time with each of my staff using the software. We are looking forward to getting started. There were several OOOO's from the crowd when the pictures went right into the patient's file.

Dr. Geoffrey Newton
October 17,2008

Post Training Questionnaire from Bridge Street Dental

Jerome is a very knowledeable and excellent trainer. Will need him to do another Strategic Practice Analysis in approximately 6 months to see how they use the new features.

Anne Hopp - Office Admin
Sept. 22, 2008

Post Training Questionnaire from Dr. R. Penning

Vicki was very informative and definitely taught us some new skills to implement into the office! Thanks again!

R. Penning / D. Stewart

Email from Suresh Singh - IT Consultant

As a Technology Support and Solutions Provider we have come to realize that Tracker is a leader in the Dental Software industry. Tracker offers more features than other dental software and Bridge's training and education initiatives empowers your clients to manage their practice more efficiently.

Keep up the good work!

Post Training Questionnaire from Dr. Kindree’s office

Excellent Trainer! John is very thorough and we are always happy to see John in our office. Thanks.

Liz Walker

Email from Dr. Jeffery Schau on April 2008

We are a pretty advanced Tracker using office and I was looking for ways to clean up areas of deficiency and maybe learn a few new tricks. Jerome helped us do just that.

I wasn't sure if the session would be valuable or not, but now that it is done I can honestly say I am glad we did it. It was enjoyable, and we learnt a few tricks to help improve how we do things.

I think having a database review done to guide the training session is a great idea, and glad I took that approach. Gave a nice structure to flow through the good areas and those that needed some work.

Email from Calgary Fine Dentistry on March 27, 2007

Good morning,

Just wanted to let you know we appreciate all the hard work that goes into programming and support of the Tracker Dental program. I attended a course in Calgary March 22 with Alison and Mike who are both knowledgeable and excellent support here.

While we were in training, it occurred to me that all those who are behind the scenes must be appreciated for their contributions in Tracker as well. Without all of you, we could not run our Tracker program as efficiently as we do.

Thanks for the attention to detail and all tireless hours you dedicate to making this a program that will, without a doubt, become more popular as more offices are introduced to the endless possibilities Tracker provides.

Shelly Wilson

Calgary Fine Dentistry - Dr. J. Maguire

Post training seminar questionnaire from Shelly Wilson at Dr. Maguire's office

Mike and Alison are awesome. The programmers have done a wonderful job and tech support are always knowledgeable and extremely helpful to our office.

Email from Dr. Jerry Baluta on February 1, 2007

I am planning an upgrade of my server and my office computers this spring. I received four quotes, and had all the quotes forwarded to Tracker for review. I was very pleasantly surprised with the completeness and thoroughness of the review that Tracker undertook.

The review made my choice of hardware vendor very easy, and it also gave me many questions to ask about points that needed to be clarified. This review made it easy to show my hardware vendors exactly what needed to be done.

Thanks again for all of your input. This shows once again one of the great value added services that you provide for all of your clients. You have helped make my purchasing decision so much easier.

Take care
Jerry Baluta

E-mail from Dr. Vincent King on December 15, 2006

Eight years ago, we took the plunge and bought an existing non-computerized dental practice. There was no existing technology in the office. We still had the existing manual system! Fortunately we had experience using other worldwide Dental accounting and imaging systems. We researched a couple of North American accounting systems and decided on Tracker. At that stage there was no Tracker imaging or charting, but Tracker had an excellent appointment system with an appointment managing follow up system. Tracker also had a very easy to use and good account package. The software was also written in Windows and not in DOS as some of the older programs. What all this meant was that there was an unbelievably sound foundation for practice management, but with not all the pieces there.

In the ensuing years, Tracker has been true and sound and they have provided support as I have wished, even though we are on the Canadian West Coast (Vancouver). Trust is built over time, and their professionalism has to be admired over the past eight years.

I believe in the last year or two [TBN] and Tracker are really blossoming in the true sense as we had the foundation, and now we are adding all the fascinating leaves: T-Word a couple of years ago, CSI Pro this year and the forthcoming updated charting module being totally integrated, to me is the total package! To be able to switch from photo visual, to giving estimates from the same visual in the clinic, to having the estimate + picture ready at the reception is where its all at. The new voice activated module will probably become common place in the near future.

I could not ask for more, [TBN] has saved me time to be enjoyed with my family, and have made an unbelievable enjoyment of my dental career. I look forward to the day when I retire and research and browse the thousands of pictures that have been chronologically tagged for easy reference together with a charting system.

I would like to thank [TBN] for your vision, and more imperatively, for sticking to the company and taking the product as far as you have. I hope you carry on the excellent work, so that we can have many more technological developments!

Yours Sincerely

A TAT (A Techno Addictive Tracker)
Dr. Vincent King B.D.S.(Witwatersrand) B. Sc(Witwatersrand)

E-mail from Dr. Phu-My Nguyen on July 6, 2006

Very courteous & helpful customer service. Thanks everyone!

Email from Peggy @ Dr. Hockley on March 23, 2006

Many of our patients really appreciate the convenience of reminders through email, instead of a phone call. This often allows the patient the ability to instantly transfer the appointment straight to their calendar or palm pilot or time management system and all without the interruption of a phone call. Email is more time efficient in that it can be answered when the patient is available and with the use of the "reply" button alone, means it literally takes seconds for them to confirm their appointment. The positive response has been wonderful.

Carol at Dr. A Pirani January 2006

Thank you all so much for the support in trying to get my EDI working with PBC. Again thanks for all the help and patience you have shown me. So often we as a society are so quick to judge and complain if things do not go right. It is with confidence that I recommend and praise the support all of you have given me over the years. Thanks again.

Carol Ribchester-Storrings (office manager) Dr. A. B. Pirani's office

This e-mail was with regards to installing the new 2005 Ontario NIHB fee guide using our automatic internet-based update.

E-mail from Dr. Phil Hewson on April 29, 2005

Subject: Re: 2005 Ontario Indian Affairs (NIHB) Fee Guide

Thanks again, John. I asked our receptionist Stacy do the installation and it was quick and painless. Slick! Another great feature to brag about when I talk to colleagues about Tracker and The Bridge Network.


E-mail from Dr. Bonnie Chandler on March 22, 2005

Hi Frank,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Dalida's help. She has been a pleasure to have in my office. She has been great at helping us fix the (data entry) errors in the system and also has been assisting in training my new staff. She also had some helpful recommendations for me to keep a watch on things that are going on. I just wanted to let you know.

Thanks again.

Bonnie Chandler

Testimonial from Lorie Thacker at Dr. Carmen Cartier on March 1, 2005

Having done temp reception work for 2.5 years and using most dental software programs available, Tracker is my favorite. It is by far the most user friendly product on the market for everyone in the office. I've just convinced my new boss to purchase Tracker and she loves it. Her comment is "even a techno moron can use it!!"

Lorie Thacker from Dr. Carmen Cartier

E-mail from Kirsten at SouthPoint Dental Centre on March 25, 2004

I really love your system and don't enjoy working on the three others I have previously used. I would like to apply exclusively to offices smart enough to invest in such a great program...I am very grateful to you for all of your assistance and swift responses. Thank-you.

Kirsten from SouthPoint Dental Centre

Post Training Questionnaire on April 14, 2003

The entire experience has been very positive.

Mr. Harry Kastner

Tracker Survey on August 28, 2003

We know with Tracker we are NEVER going to lose patients. Entering multiple payments on insurance cheques is so easy now! The support is excellent - we always get a call back right away.

Diana from Dr. DeMarco

E-mail from Timothy A. Brown on April 17, 2003

Dear Frank,

I recently discovered a new version of your Tracker software program while selling a dental practice. The software very easily, and quickly, produced clear, concise financial and practice management reports that were very helpful in facilitating the practice sale. As well, you should know that ROI Corporation believes that the fair market value of current version dental software, such as Tracker, is the current replacement cost. Essentially this means that the cost to purchase your software is virtually 100% recoverable when the dental practice is sold. This is uncommon for dental assets and places your software amongst the highest resale value items found in a dental practice. Congratulations on building a superb product.

Timothy A. Brown
President & CEO
ROI Corporation
905.820.4145 tel
905.820.4705 fax
www.roicorp.com - Appraisal and brokerage
www.timothybrown.ca - CV and past performance
www.exceptionalseminars.com - A study of Canadian DentaGraphics™ and the Boomer Consumer™

E-mail from Dr. Shirley Cheong on March 12, 2003

Dear Mark,

I would like to give the tech staff and you a big hand for acting promptly to the recent tracker data crisis at Dr. Kenny Chan's office yesterday. Your quick and effective service is greatly appreciated. The extra info about switching the server to a faster machine was easy and accurate. We are now up and running.

Dr. Shirley Cheong

Testimonial from Mrs. Cheryl Romeril

Office Manager for Port Perry Dental Centre (Dr. Jack Cottrell and Dr. James Hardy)

Cheryl told a dentist looking at Tracker that "It isn't about the software anymore, it's all about the people. It's the people that make the difference. Their [TBN] people have been just perfect! (Yes, the dentist selected Tracker as his Practice Management System.)

Testimonial from Dr. Michael J. Landau

As quoted by Kim Paget of the Paget Denture Clinic in 2001

For example, consider what was quoted by Kim Paget of the Paget Denture Clinic during our Annual Hospitality Suite, “Reviewing [Tracker’s] Dormant Patient Report brought in over $10,000 of extra business in one year by simply following up with current clients.” Kim and Wayne Paget then also went on to discuss how Tracker helps them offer their patients better service. That is what a true practice management system offers you, and when you think about it, what price is too much when you can offer your patients better service and be more profitable?

From the Staff at the office of Dr. Sheena Sood

We LOVE Tracker! Coming from an Exan office I find Tracker simpler but w/all options we require in our office....THANX

Dr. Andrew Sarkany

EDI is working fine. Don't know how I got along without it.
Patients love it. Your staff has really helped.......always there when we need it....even it is not a software issue.
Please relay that we are pleased with the Tracker products and continued service.

Email From Dr. Keven Hockley on Ont-Dent, July 26, 1998

I recently signed on with Tracker and have nothing but good things to say about the company and their product. I would highly recommend this software to anyone specialist or gp. The program is homespun and the boys behind the scenes are real sharp cookies as you know....I'm sure about those goofy messages though 8-). They know the capabilities and limitations of the software better than anyone else that I had do a demo. Pricing is very favourable. One thing that really impressed me is their digital awareness, if you will. I did almost all of my correspondence by e-mail including quotes and arranging training dates etc. No interruptions during the day at the office. Their follow-up time was lightning quick...e-mail them at 6 am and have a response when I got home for dinner same day. Now with the new system I have e-mail capabilities at the office to. They even have a spot on the Patient Info page for e-mail address of the patient.

Possibilites are endless.

Email From Dr. Eli Shem-Tov on Ont-Dent, July 16, 1998

I've been using Tracker now for over a year. For anyone that enjoys computers, as I assume most of here do, Tracker software is an excellent product. I took over a 2000 patient practice last year that was still ousting the 'One Write' system since 1970. No-one at the office was computer literate and within a couple of months they were all comfortable and confident using most aspects of its capabilities. I'll cut to the chase here.....

  • It runs seamlessly being fully schedule driven written for WIN 95\98 and NT
  • Most options are accessible right from the patients spot on the schedule..i.e. billing, invoicing, past and future appts, recall appts, phone numbers, EDI medical alerts in red, how much they OWE, etc.
  • Day, week and month at a glance
  • An assortment of reports that spit out the condition your practice; past and present
  • Fully integrated with digital radiography software and one of the best charting programs south of the border
  • *************- the gem here is the support....no slimy hourly gouging at $95\hr just to tell you to reboot********** phone them and they will walk any newbie through a minefield;real or perceived

Testimonial from Dr. Jerry Baluta

Haven't been given an opportunity to express our views regarding our product and company, we wanted to convey a message that related our company's benefits and philosophies without the obvious bias that can come through from a self-written editorial. We felt that the following (e-mail) letter conveyed the message that we were trying to deliver yet comes from a non-biased source. This is a response from one of our clients to a third party person inquiring about how they selected their dental computer software. Please note that the names have obviously been edited from the original letter. You can contact The Bridge Network for the unedited copy if you are interested.

October 1, 1997

Subject: computer software

Here is some of the information that you were interested in regarding computer software.

  • I was using [Product] from [City] in its DOS form for over 8 years. After speaking with them and seeing their Windows product, I began to search the market.

  • I spent 9 months evaluating systems. There were at least 2 American systems which were promising, but there was no EDI component, and also very limited knowledge of the Canadian Market.

  • There were four Canadian systems I seriously considered but ultimately didn’t choose.

  1. [Company]. These guys wouldn’t even phone me back when I called about my interest. I thought that if a company wasn’t willing to call me back before I made a purchase, my chance at support was almost nil.

  2. [Company]. The [Product] was appealing to me, but I did not feel totally comfortable with their conversion from their Unix system. This was the only other system that I was seriously considering in the end.

  3. [Company]. I was considering the [Company’s] system very seriously for many months and have a stack of faxes going back and forth. I had a bad feeling that wouldn’t let me close the deal. The software and hardware was more expensive by far than I wished to spend. They were not willing to do a data conversion for me. The software support on an annual basis was also very expensive. I also had to pay for a set amount of training from the outset. The company was also based out of the States. I felt that there were too many Canadian issues that were not being addressed. This program did however have the best integration of charting within its own software. This did not serve as enough of a reason for purchase.

  4. [Company]. This was also a good system and I was happy with the demo. I was not convinced that the Apple platform was the way to go.

  • This brings me back to Tracker. I must tell you that I was ultimately so happy with the system.

  • My tracking of everything in the office is definitely easier. The schedules are very easy and intuitive. My staff was able to use the system after one day with no formal training. We did not receive any formal training until after we were on the system for over three months. The system can generate reports for virtually any query I have desired. I am also happy to report that most of my suggestions have been met with a very good response. In fact, many of the suggestions from my staff are now in the program.

  • The software was very competitive in price as well. I paid under $6000.00 for my entire software package, which include extra users, as well as extra terminals. The additions were very reasonable to go from one to more users. I had all of my data converted from my old software in a one day procedure for a fee of $1500. This meant that we were able to go live in one day. This was a great benefit. One final price note: our annual support is under $700.00 for one year. I was paying more with my old system, and I had quotes from other companies for several times this amount.

  • The people. I am in direct contact with the principles of the company whenever necessary whether it be to resolve problems, or to discuss future features. I did not have this opportunity with any other company I attempted to deal with.

I think I have rambled enough now, I hope some of this information is helpful to you.

Yours truly,

Dr. Jerry Baluta

Please contact The Bridge Network for an unedited copy

Following is an e-mail from Mr. Paul Chiarot that we thought was relevant. Paul chose the hardware for his wife’s office, Dr. Talita Gill, in Courtice, ON. Our sincere thanks to Paul for allowing us to share this e-mail.

Subject: Server problems

Hi Issie & Frank,

My server problems appear to have been hardware-related or driver-related.

It is in the shop for repair now. It was unable to re-install NT since the system would hang at various points during the installation. Until I tried re-installing it seemed to be a software problem.

This has been extremely frustrating for me and I would suggest that you advise your customers to avoid clone shops and purchase next day on-site support & 7x24 support from a larger vendor. This would likely reduce TBN support costs, since, as in this case, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between software and hardware problems.

Best Regards,


Dr. Steven Hatfield

Dianne Humphrey at Mayflower Dental November 2005

I find the Tracker's Technical Support to be top notch. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. They are always open for suggestions. We really like the Tracker program. It is very easy to use and provides us with all the information we need to manage a large dental practice.

Dr. Keith Climenhaga November 2005

Just my 2 cents worth.... the most telling stats are the 94% that will allow use as a reference and the 99% that recommend Tracker. Makes me happier knowing that everybody is as happy as I am.

Deanna at Dr. Don Milton November 2005

I would never want to work in a non Tracker office, and frequently recommend your program to my dental friends