Tracker for Denturists Product Review.

Committed to Denturists for over 5 years.

By: John Mayr F.A.C.D.
Southside Prosthetic Study Club

Tracker for Denturists is clearly the most advanced program for denturists reviewed. It is truly a full automation system with complete patient administration and practice management capabilities. The WindowsT-based program allows denturists to completely computerize and automate every aspect of their office - from booking appointments and performing billing functions, to writing memos and notes. Some notable features include: appointments can be viewed simultaneously by the day and week, invoices/estimates can be easily generated, numerous reports (including Accounts Receivable) can be viewed on the screen or sent to a printer, and general dental claim forms can be completed. Being a Windows-based program enhances the ease-of-use allowing movement through fields and screens with a mouse and/or keyboard. The system can also integrate with other Windows-based word processing and general accounting systems.

It is clear that a great deal of thought and planning has gone into the development of this system. The patient information screens are logically designed and a field for patient notes has unlimited space for each client. When making entries the text automatically "wraps" around to the next line for greatest efficiency. The medical history is fairly complete with some questionable items and a screen is dedicated for denture information and your assessment of the oral cavity. A standard fee guide with modifiable prices is built right into the program to allow for easy access when billing patients or completing insurance claim forms. There is a full schedule of other useful items such as the ability to maintain insurance company information, allowing for multiple providers, and a general ledger export function. The program contains built-in backup and restore functions with good instructions on how to use these functions in the user manual. This is the only program reviewed which includes a built in "HELP" function to answer many questions without resorting to a manual or a telephone call. However if more assistance is required, technical support is also provided free of charge for the first year.

The system would take some planning to initiate within an office. Key questions or concerns would include whether one would want to set up one computer at the reception desk or set up a network of computers for each individual to access wherever the practitioner wishes. Since the program is a Windows-based program, you may be required to upgrade existing hardware. Please ensure that your machine is capable of running Windows prior to purchasing the program.

Tracker for Denturists is currently being upgraded with many new features. Please check with The Bridge Network Inc. for more complete information regarding upgraded functions.

Clearly Tracker for Denturists is the most advanced program reviewed. This program offers real power to you and your office.

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This review has been reprinted with permission from The Southside Prosthetic Study Club. The Southside Prosthetic Study Club is a group of denturists dedicated to providing useful information to denturists.

Members: Jim Connolly, Russ Henderson, John Mayr, Steve Odwin, Darren Sailer, Gary Stewart, Warren Trask.

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Evaluated in Fall 1993

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