TBN Chronology

Here is a look back in time at the growth and development of The Bridge Network!

November 2007 The Bridge Network launches a new Website
May 2007 The Bridge Network launches Tracker for Chiropodists at the OSC Annual Conference.
January 2007 The Bridge Network becomes officially iTrans certified.
March 2006 The Bridge Network announces Visual Charting at the Pacific Dental Conference.
February 2006 The Bridge Network pilots the Electronic Claims project for Denturists and the first production claim is successfully transmitted
August 2005 Sue Neely certified as Account Manager and Trainer in Australia
April 2005 First Australian Installation
March 2005 The Bridge Network announced new ChairSide Imaging Pro at the Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver.
April 2004 The Bridge network launches its new Web site and Tracker brochures.
Sept 2003 The Bridge Network is proud to announce that we have established a unique partnership with Optio Publishing to supply our clients with a “Lite” version of their new Patient Education software called Optio Dentistry. This special Optio Lite version now comes standard with Tracker.
April 2003 The Bridge Network goes international with the first installation out of Canada and the U.S. at Warrens Dental Services in St. Michael, Barbados.
March 2003 Certified for RAMQ electronic submission in Quebec.
Jan 2003 Tracker & The Bridge Network enter their 10th year of Business!
Nov 2002 700th Installation of Tracker.
June 2002 Tracker installed in first Chiropody Clinic.
Dec 2001 TBN implements Tracker at the Canadian Forces Dental Services School in Borden, ON.
Oct 2001 600th installation of Tracker.
July 2000 TBN implements Tracker at the Department of National Defense base in Winnipeg, MB.
May 2000 TBN announces Tracker for Orthodontists.
April 1999 TBN Completes and Delivers 32-bit version Dentsply/Gendex suite of clinical Applications called Back-Op
Feb 10 1999 TBN's Open House where we unveiled the new Dental Showcase and Training Facility.
Oct 1998 The Bridge Network move into new 3,600 sq. ft. office at 1110 Finch Avenue West.
Sept 1998 The Bridge Network opens its Calgary office to serve clients in Central Canada.
August 1998 The Bridge Network signs contract with Dentsply/New Image to support all their clinical software products.
July 1998 Tracker selected to be implemented in the dental clinic and classrooms of College Boreal, one of the most technically advanced colleges in North America.
March 1998 The Bridge Network receives confirmation that certification of EDI on CDAnet Version 3.0 has been completed.
Sept 1997 The Bridge Network opens its Vancouver office to serve clients in Western Canada.
Sept 1997 TBN signs contract with Dentsply/New Image to enhance and maintain Chart-It, the industries market leading electronic charting and periodontal program.
July 1997 The Bridge Network signs a deal with Building Service 32-BJ Health fund, the largest building services union based in New York, N.Y. to enhance the current functionality of Chart-It for Windows to accommodate their specialized workflow requirements.
April 1997 Focus of a feature article in the Special Report on Computers in the Financial Post, Canada’s leading financial publication.
Sept 1996 The Bridge Network becomes a Microsoft Solution Provider.
August 1996 The Bridge Network Moves to 200 Finch Avenue West.
July 1996 Internet presence at www.bridge-network.com
May 1996 100th installation of Tracker.
April 1996 First Tracker site in the United States.
Sept 1995 Healthcare Management Systems Partnership Arrangement.
Sept 1995 The Drug Benefits Manager starts shipping.
August 1995 Tracker delivered for Windows 95.
August 1995 The Bridge Network invited by the Canadian Dental Association to participate as a co-attendant at their booth at their annual national trade show.
July 1995 Tracker wins North American-wide design contest sponsored by Visual Basic Programmers Journal and Microsoft.
June 1995 Acquisition of Microsoft Certified Solution Developer designation.
Feb 1995 The Bridge Network moves into 5453 Yonge St. office.
Dec 1994 First Tracker for Dentists installation.
April 1994 The Bridge Network incorporates in Ontario.
January 1994 Tracker for Denturists endorsed by Denturists Association of Ontario and George Brown College.
Nov 1993 First Out-of-Province sale of Tracker.
Nov 1993 Official announcement of Tracker for Dentists at a Toronto Dental convention .
Oct 1993 Tracker received CDAnet certification for EDI transmissions.
July 1993 Tracker granted use of Microsoft Compatible logo.
June 1993 Tracker for Denturists Official Release.
May 1993 First Tracker for Denturists installation.
April 1993 Tracker for Denturists launches at Hospitality Suite in Toronto.
Feb 1993 Tracker Marketing plan formalized and development begins.
Dec 1992 First development meeting with first test site for a dental product.
Dec 1992 The Bridge Network and Easy Solutions sign Joint Venture agreement.
Nov 1992 First joint project between The Bridge Network and Easy Solutions.
Oct 1992 The Bridge Network started as a sole-proprietorship.
Oct 1992 Signed long-term consulting agreements with two financial institutions.
June 1992 Started investigating dental practice management products.
Dec 1991 Request for a practice management system from a dentist who was tired of over-priced mediocrity.

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